Pizza is Forever

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So there is no topic today other than what I feel like talking about. Like what  is going on right now in my head, because I know you are dying to know the random crap that I am currently thinking. 

Went to my first Pure Barre class last night and let's just say "what in the actual fuck did I get myself into"? This is like the meth home made in the rural back woods of GA of workouts... hard as shit, bring you to your knees and know you want to go back for more. I really don't know anything about the meth... but the barre workout was awful but amazing at the same time. I was pouring sweat, my muscles were shaking like a peach orchard dog... that's southern for shaking real bad and you can guess why. I can see why this works and works fast. You are pretty much shocking your fat into submission and commanding your muscles to step up to the plate. I'm going back for more today.  I did not love the instructor, she led off by saying "you need to learn how to listen really well" as her way of telling us newbies  she wasn't going to be explaining a whole lot. And she didn't. FYI... I'm 43... you don't need to tell me to put my listening ears on honey. Seemed a little condescending to me but she did deliver a great workout so... we'll see. I am very excited to see where I am in 5 weeks!

Blogger... where the hell is my blog feed??? Please put it back where it belongs dumbshits, you are making me go elsewhere to read my favorite blog posts!!!

Speaking of the world... thanks to the bullshit in Iraq which, on the one hand could be beneficial to me, apparently could drive gas price up to $6.00 a gallon here this summer. What am I supposed to do with that?? I won't be able to leave my house, may be cost prohibitive for me to go to work. I need a new vehicle... ugh... but mine is paid for and if I bullet proof it I can maybe pimp it out and drive around some rappers or local celebs. 

My Fitness Pal .... Why do I have to eat all of these calories if I'm not hungry?? And I don't need the explanation on my body going into starvation mode... I get it.  If I eat below my calories during the week and a little over on the weekends shouldn't it balance out? I guess not, I'm in a stall of epic proportions. Maybe Barre will help... something new usually does the trick for me. Here's hopin!!

Girls that have to get permission from their husbands when they want to do something or can only talk via phone and not text (because someone reads their texts) that is not how it's supposed to work. I know I am not one to be giving advice as the happy divorcee but this is not the way it's supposed to be ladies. Not. Good. Are you 12? Is he your Dad?

Dress Yoga Pants for work... why did I not think of this? Genius or loserville? Or is this kind of like pajama jeans?

My daughter  heard me talking with a girlfriend last weekend about the tattoos I would still like to get. I rattled off a list of symbols and things that I like one of which is the infinity symbol (although this is very low on my list because it's pretty common). Her comment.... "Mom, please DO NOT get the infinity, everyone has one of those" said by my nice, sweet 15 yr. old. Always lookin out for my cool factor;) So then I found this on Pinterest this morning and I can't wait to show it to her. Wondering if she will think this is an acceptable twist on the original? 

Because let's face it... shit comes and goes in life... money, jobs, love.
But Pizza... pizza is forever... and you can take that to the bank. 

Am I right?


  1. Hey Amy!! Omfg I am going nuts about my blogger feed!! I wasn't sure if it was just me, I hope its fixed soon. And congrats on the Barre class, but jeez it sounds intense lol! But totally worth it! And being an over bearing husband/b.f is NOT kool and seriously dont know how anyone puts up with that shit! Haha!


  2. haha your 15 year old would die if you got that. you should make it into a temporary tattoo and show her that way!!

  3. I've been really wanting to try barre but I'm too nervous and too poor to hand over the cash at the place here. And I agree with pizza being forever - but I think I need to bitch slap whoever's tattoo that really is! I can't believe you found that, its too funny!

  4. I thought it was just my blogger feed having issues...they need to get that shit fixed ASAP!! I feel ya on the gas situation; that's going to kill me if it gets as high as they say it might. Living in a small town where food prices are outrageous or driving 15-20 miles where food prices will be cheaper, but using the expensive gas to get there...ugh, not something I want to have to sit down and figure out...I've got enough money problems to figure out, let's not add to that please!! And I'm with you on the tattoos; I've got two and cannot wait to get more!

  5. Okay- I am officially trying a BEGINNER barre class very soon!

  6. I really want the dress yoga pants but I am really not paying $89 for them. Sorry, hell no.

    I think I'd collapse in Pure Barre. I hate condescending instructors, that makes me ragey.

    Permission from husbands? What is that? Seriously? What is it?

  7. YES. Pizza forever. And seriously...Blogger really needs to get its shit sick of these feed issues. OH and work yoga pants?! If only they weren't so pricey!!

  8. Love your stream of conscience blogs! Glad the class was good . . . yay for trying new things. And blogger is really pissing me off . . . and saving me time I guess! :-)

  9. I am so fucking glad I'm not the only one whos going crazy. wtf is it. and wtf are they doing. i dont really care for blog lovin but feel i'm missing out on alot of blogs b/c of this. what's up with this shit

  10. re: MFP - that is just a guideline. if you're not hungry, you're not hungry; it's important to listen to your body as well. there were times i needed to eat 300cals according to MFP but i wasn't hungry so i didn't... didn't hinder my progress one bit.

    Vodka and Soda

  11. Bahahahaha... that pizza tattoo!!!!! Awesome!
    I'd be irritated at the instructor, too! Bitch, I'm not 12!!!!!!!!
    And girls who "need" permission from their guys... fucking pathetic. Seriously.

  12. blogger dashboard is finally working for me so double check girl. and chicks who have to check with their men before they do shit. So glad I dont have a man like that.

  13. love that first pic. Hilarious to me. Maybe she'll like that tat. i dont really care for tats but that's unique and cool.

  14. SOOOO want to get those yoga work pants. If I get pregnant anytime soon, fingers crossed it will happen, I am so getting a pair - I want to be comfy and big all at the same time.