Friday Favorites

Friday, June 6, 2014

Well thank Jesus Mary Kate & Ashley it's Friday again!!! How did that even happen? I feel like weeks are more like days lately and I just can't wrap my brain around how fast time is going by. We are heading into the second week of June and summer is in full swing. So let's do this favorites thing with Amanda again....

I love that there are always a whole new slew of online dating sites/apps to choose from. Take for example these new findings.  calls itself the...


Ummmm what's a "tattoo single"? Is this even proper English? I think not. Can't I pretty much go to any bar and meet a guy with tattoos? How is this a thing? And if it's making money why did I not think of it first?

And then one of the hottest newest things around... the dating app that tracks you by GPS because it's a great idea for every Craig's List creeper killer out there to be able to pinpoint my exact location. I'm thinking I'm at work every day for 8 hrs. in the same location. How long till one of these nutbags shows up at my office because (and I'm envisioning something like a metal detector) his phone is saying "she's right here"!?!?!

When I tried to install the app on my phone, because I thought I might get some real funny stuff for you guys, here's is what I got.... seems like they need access to a lot of my shit in addition to my second by second whereabouts. I don't think so. Seriously have you people lost your grey matter???

On another note I am a bit old fashioned in that I like the idea of still having a business/calling card to hand someone. I know we all put names and numbers right into our phones but I still like something tangible... and pretty. Since I have re-embarked on my catering biz among other things I have been thinking it would be nice to have a "blanket" card that is just basically all my contact points. That way any  opportunity that arises I'm covered. I'm not handing a card for catering to someone who wants me to review a product on my blog. So when Ashley posted about hers from Erin Condren you know I had to go look and fall in love! What looks like me? Which one do you like? The Lotus Ohm is very similar to my new tattoo so naturally that was my first pick but I like the Zen Gems too!!! I can't afford these now on the broke single Mom budget but maybe soon! Opinions please!

More opinions needed... has anyone been to Bloggy Boot Camp/Women Get Social? It's coming to Atlanta this fall and the discounted price expires in a few days... $99.00. I live here so it seems like a no brainer to me but only if I get something out of it. Like real, tangible knowledge on how to make my blog better, more profitable, and all that jazz. Please chime in.

And finally, guess where I am going to be tomorrow night??? Yep, yep... sittin on the lawn at Lakewood listening to my GA homeboyz the Zac Brown Band and I can't wait! One of my besties and I are taking my 15 yr. old daughter and I am excited beyond words to see this man and his band live. We are going to be making memories... you can keep up on Instagram cause you know me, I'll be posting the play by play!

And it wouldn't be a Friday Favorites without some funny gifs at the expense of others. Enjoy.

This here about sums up my week. Seemed like it was going well... weeee!... then nope, eff you, you goin down! Hard. 

A this about sums up most men in my life... always running away from me... in jorts.

Trying to get your pants on in a hurry never fucking works... don't act like you haven't tried.

I just love that he's sporting the flag, makes him seem kind of Olympic failure.

Yo yo's... wtf.

Cheezburger animated GIF

Everyone's worst treadmill nightmare. She's lucky her pants stayed on.

And my personal favorite... falling in heels... don't be the one that falls... doh... too late

This is your one shot on America's Next Top Model... Rock that shit... or just go home

Just look at all the heads leaning forward ... in awe

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. I love that first business card - the second one has too much going on for me. Lmao @ the girl in heels falling as her group continues to sing without her... They have a dating site for everything, but that one is just screaming 'stalkers come find me.'

  2. falling down gifs rule all. i'm the worst person to fall in front of because i'll be too busy laughing my ass off to help you. those are pretty cards but are they eleventy billion dollars like her planners?!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I am going to ZBB when he comes here- have a blast! I like the Lotus Ohm cards- definitely splurge on those!

  4. Bahahahahah I love how those girls just keep on dancing! That app is a little creepy not going to lie......I mean might as well tell them exactly where you live right? I need those business cards they are perfect!! Thanks for the heads up! You seriously find the best gifs! #epicfail that guy not clearly all his dumb volunteer friends ;-) Thanks for linking up! I always look forward to your post! xoxoxo

  5. Soooo jealous of your ZBB concert, there show was great when I went 3 years ago. I want to try to go to the Southern Ground festival in Charleston since I only live about 2 hours away!

  6. Hey Amy!! Omg those GIFS are crazy lol! The treadmill one is always such a fear of mine lol! Have a great weekend Amy!! And talk soon!! XOXO :D


  7. That singles app sounds like a stalkers wet dream! Craziness!! I like the first business card, clean, crisp and classic. Gotta love people falling on their faces! That last one you are just waiting for her to go down but she held on for awhile! Too funny!

  8. Falling girls get me every time.

    I love the EC business cards but I'm not a fan of business cards in general.

  9. I wouldn't dare meet singles online. I went thru that shit for 1.5 years and everyone of them were douchebag dickheads. Meet guys thru mutual friends and family. that's the best way. Not behind a screen. B/c folks like too much. Watch many episodes of Catfish and you'll realize why you dont online date.

  10. I literally have tears streaming down my face from holding in my laughter damn it why doesnt my office have a door LMAO!!
    I really like the 1st design best by the way!

  11. Bahahaahah... people falling is my favorite - you win the gif award of the day! :D

  12. Oh how I love falling down gifs! and ZBB = yesssss!!!