Taking My Finger off the Trigger...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I am feeling a little deflated and defeated here in the last couple of days so it's time for a gut check. The scale is not moving, I am super stressed about money as always... ugh... never gets any better. But the real thing that's beating me at my own fitness game is lack of planning. School got out and I fell off the planning wagon, like immediately. And you know what that means??? Very bad choices that's what. And for me a lil too much par-tay-ing. Which gets back to the stress. Vicious cycle for me.

So last night I hit the grocery store and got to planning. And after the grocery store I called my Mom on the way home cause I have been neglecting that too. My Mom and I have a complicated relationship and sometimes talking to her doesn't necessarily make me feel better per se... so I put it off. I am not one of those daughters that call every day, or even once a week for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I love my Mom and we are good for the most part I just don't really need to talk to anyone on a daily basis... is that weird???

Back to my planning... food planning... my favorite next to party planning. I got some chicken and pork tenderloin, veggies and all the making for fish tacos for dinner last night. You see after reading Jess' post here I was really feeling some mango fish tacos. Now mine were much less fancy and more thrown together than hers but none the less... amaze!!! I should have bought more tilapia because we were all fighting over it. I did everything on the grill to keep my house cool, lower bills and it just tastes damn  good!!! I also added in grilled zucchini, vidalia onions and portabella mushrooms that were on sale for .99 cents... score... they were looking pretty rough but I knew I could juje them up! See...

And then I got even a little more crafty and whipped up some egg muffins for my breakfast for the next 3 days. I am pretty much the queen of kitchen sink cooking. People are always asking me about how I come up with my recipes and dishes that I post... umm I just look in the fridge and say "what am I not willing to throw down the drain or in the trash can? And that's everything, I really can't waste a thing... depression era parents and grandparents. Case in point... my little breakfast muffins. I didn't have any meat but I did have left over marinated mozzarella balls from the  caprese appetizers I made for the graduation party last weekend. So in the bottom I have salsa (from the fish tacos), diced fresh mozzarella topped with scrambled egg, green onion, salt and pepper. 

So maybe this will be a good start to getting back on track. I missed my workout tonight so I could cook and prep but I figure with playing tennis on Sat., dancing my ass off Sat. night and playing tennis again Sunday I'm ok. Maybe not but oh well, I can only do so much!

Tonight I have a walk on the green way with a good friend and someone coming to look at my basement to possibly rent it out. Yikes... I could have a room mate soon. I really don't think this is going to work out but ... I need additional income so... we shall see! 

I am not sure this post was about anything more than me talking myself back on track a little so ...
Thanks for listening to my baby steps.


  1. Getting back on track is right on!! I need it so badly myself.
    Your pic made me add fish tacos to my meal prep for next week for Hubs!

  2. Oh definitely do that, they were sooo good!!! Thanks April!

  3. Sweet fish tacos! I love your outlook on how you cook. If you dont want to waste it, eat it or add it to something. Saves money too.

  4. I wish I would take the time to meal prep and plan, it would probably make my nights so much easier!

  5. Hey Amy!! All of the food looks SO good!! And planning is KEY!! I remember when I was at my best weight, all my meals were planned. It really means everything. Realistically right now I know its not really possible for me, but I always try! Keep it up girl!! :) XO


  6. Don't punish yourself for the accident - just move on and keep planning and looking forward. You've got this!

  7. So impressed . . . you just dust yourself off and get right back at it! Good for you! Great job!!

  8. these things happen, just gotta brush yourself off, move past it and keep on trucking!

  9. I really need to take lessons from you on food prep! Currently I just took two frozen pieces of chicken out of the freezer and now I'm staring at them......

  10. You can always jump back on the train, girl! :) I've heard that meal planning goes a LONG way in keeping people on track!