Monday, June 23, 2014

Well the weekend came and went and now it's back to work on Monday for all of us. I just have a few minutes to wrap up this blog post that I started last night and abandoned in favor of wine and couch snoozing due to overexposure to the blistering sun yesterday/all weekend long. 

It was pretty much the perfect summer weekend for me although not super productive and I didn't go shopping for anything fun. Other than that, perfect. I had kids all weekend although we were all so busy it felt like we didn't see much of each other. Tried a new place for sushi on Friday night and if you live in the North Atlanta area I would highly recommend the Volcano Asian Bistro. It's a new place and they are offering 50% off all sushi rolls this month so we just couldn't pass that up! Olivia shared the Filet Mignon Roll with King Crab, spicy mayo eel sauce and it was excellent. We also shared the Scorpion King Roll which was shrimp tempura and soft shell crab and some chef's special sauce that was awesome. This bitch was a $17.50 regular price roll with 16 pieces... hello $8.75 roll, you were delicious! They also had $2.50 drafts, I didn';t hate that. The littles loved their stuff too... CA Roll for Ava and Sesame Chicken for Spencer. Everybody was happily stuffed.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much the same day... tennis and pool time with a little grillin out on Sunday night. I lost both my matches this weekend... G*& F8$#ing D#$*-It... I hate losing. I played well on Saturday and lost in 3 sets. Then my team and I went to the bar to suck down some Blue Moons and I had the best Mesquite Grilled Chicken sandwich like ever... and I ate the pretzel bun too.  I played shitty on Sunday and lost in 3 sets. But on the upside it was hot as balls out there so I figure I burned a crap ton of calories playing a good four hours of mediocre loser tennis! Both Saturday and Sunday afternoons were spent at the neighborhood pool with friends. Sunday I did finally make my big jug of Pink Panty Pull-Downs (aka beer punch) and my home girl Leigh and I sucked em down poolside with no problem at all, they were delicious. Sunday night the we enjoyed some deck time and grilled Tilapia Tacos ... again....  with Mexican Grilled Corn. If you have never made this, you must... it is to die for. And make sure you use real Cotija cheese... sooo good! So that was about it for me this weekend!

Taking my first Pure Barre class tonight and I can't wait... actually I have classes booked all week. So I have all of my workouts for the week planned out. Need to food prep tonight when I get home! Hope you all have a great Monday!!!
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Cheers ladies!



  1. 50% off all sushi rolls - I would go every other day if I could!! I haven't picked up a tennis racket in years - which is such a shame because I pretty much lived and breathed it for 13 years!! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! happy Monday! :)

  2. I want that sushi right now! I haven't had sushi in a while but I think it needs to happen soon.

  3. Hey Amy!! Oh my gosh what a fantastic weekend!! I love sushi!! And love having it with some beer! :D Enjoy the barre class tonight Amy!! What a fab weekend!! XOXO


  4. So bummer on losing at the tennis but the rest of the weekends sounds just fine to me . . . relaxing is good! Have fun at your new class tonight!!

  5. 50% off sushi?! Damn! And for a month?! That's bad ass!

  6. Now I'm craving sushi LOL! Looks like you had an awesome weekend :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  7. ohmylordy this all looks amazing. seriously though, i need some sushi in my life right now.