June Goals and Ramblings....

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I have been thinking about setting a few goals for June that actually have to do with me doing some things less...and of course some things more. Because it's summer time and I want to enjoy my kids and our less hectic schedule and I think goals have to be about both doing stuff and not doing stuff to keep it balanced. I think for me that is just part of it mentally, not always saying can't, won't, don't, less, etc. Amy don't like that. So here's a couple of things I'm thinkin...

1. I might not push myself so hard to get a post up in here every damn day.... say whaaaaat??? I said I might not. The anal Virgo part of me might not allow that but I think I might try to skip a day if it means maybe an hour more of sleep or so.  This seems counter intuitive to me because I am really trying to grow my little brand here but sometimes I stop and think "Hey, you are spending too much time on the blog stuff" as opposed to life going on around you. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

2. Stay home less and do fun stuff locally that is cheap like.... Get to a Braves game with my kids. Preferably one on a Friday night when they shoot off fireworks and sometimes have live music. Because it's summer and summer means baseball. Duh.

3. Spend more time at the lake. We have this big beautiful Lake Lanier just minutes from my house and I have a lot of friends with boats. Ya see what I'm gettin at? This is a no brainer, just requires scheduling or dropping everything and saying let's go. And committing to doing less of the other stuff like cleaning, yard work, laundry... the mundane crap that will get done anyway.

4. Don't get any tattoos... ok this is kind of sort of not serious but goes along with a bigger goal and that is spending money more carefully. I am always living on a shoestring but I like to treat my kids and myself because hey... you only get one time on this planet. I work hard and yes I have insurmountable bills and debt (thank you douche canoe) that will likely never totally go away. So I should be saving every penny I make not doing stupid things like getting tattoos or buying new Ray Ban's. So I'll wait to get my skeleton lady with hair made out of roses finished... kidding, that's not me. I'll be more thoughtful about spending this month.

5. Focus less on what my workout is and just focus more on doing something everyday towards fitness. I really admire all you people that go to the gym every day but it's just not my thing. I don't have time, or money or desire to drag myself to a place to go work out. And guess what? I don't have to. Thanks to IG and Pinterest I have personal trainers everywhere I look feeding me great workouts I can do at home. This is perhaps the greatest revelation I have had recently... like I can totally do this without spending a dime! Except when one of the two new barre studios finally opens in my town I'm totally going to at least try it out.
This is my favorite new little workout that I have been doing every day when I get out of bed before I get ready for work. (minus the jumping jacks because that would require putting on a sports bra)

Or this one is really good too... everyone has time for one song!!!

Do you have any goals for June???

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  1. LOL at the skeleton lady. I'm with you on #1. I love blogging and want my blog to become a brand eventually I think. But at the moment trying to post every day was stressing me out. So at least for the summer I'm just going to do the best I can. I'm with you on the rest of these too! Happy summer!

  2. I love this sometime we get so caught up in routine we really need to step back and focus on things that are important right!? Like lake life and spending time with our kiddos!
    I got excited when you said skeleton tattoo..then I saw the picture WTF!
    My ex is a douche canoe too and I use that term heavily, thought I was the only one LOL

  3. I want to do some things less too - like eat less sweets and blog less. I need to let it go some days. I like to lighten up in the summer.

  4. Ummmmm yes to the blogging part. I really need to get my act together on the weekends and get some posts written so I'm not up such crazy hours trying to get it together. My problem is I seem to get such a great second wind at like 11pm and that is where all my creative posts happen......hmmmmm

    That workout to Can't Hold Us looks amazing.

  5. Hey Amy!! GREAT ideas!! Going outdoors more for me is a must!! And you must go to that lake hahah!! And I totally agree, its just not realistic to go to the gym What are we robots or something? lol! And that Virgo in ya will catch up lol!! ;D Great post Amy and talk soon!! XOXO


  6. these are some great ideas love and i feel you on the pushing too hard for the blog stuff, a little mini break every now and again (even if its just one day for us anal folk haha) is good! and yes, i need to do the last thing. not focus on what im doing, just that i am doing something every day.

  7. Girl I feel you on the blog! I only posted once this weekend and I miss it but it also feels AMAZING!

  8. I'm tryin' to stay local this year too. it's cheaper and it's kinda fun to find new places close to home.
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  9. Great to see that you have planned the whole week fun schedule and you will surely have a great time too, I will love to be the part of this week's enjoyment