So Here's What....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This is going to be very random... stream of consciousness kind of stuff that I have not done in awhile but is inspired by yesterday's thoughts and my favorite guy on Bravo... Mr. Andy Cohen...

So here's what....

A lot of people seem to resonate with the no-reply texter issue that I have. Wow... I didn't think it was exclusive to me by any means but what do you do? I have been asking and so far the best answer I have is just follow up periodically with question marks... or mark. I really thought this was funny and reminded me of something a Mom or nagging wife would do:) Now this may seem desperate to some, annoying to others but, it's annoying to me that you don't answer so which is worse???


I hate the heat. It is so hot here in GA right now. I want to do things outside but I start sweating immediately. If you can do things outside in the summer and look dry what is wrong with you? Why don't you sweat?

I found a neighborhood kid to mow my grass and I am saving tons of bucks with no lawn service this summer. 1st world solutions to problems. 

My daughter has started going to bible study with  the family of the boy she likes... I feel like mother of the year but they are really sweet and happy to have her. So last night she goes and I get a text from her because she met someone famous. The actress who played Sophia in TWD lives here, they are the same age and they were all hanging out last night. How cool is that?

I need a shot ski. It just seems like a necessity. Can someone make me one or tell me where to buy one?

I still have free sponsor spots available on my side bar if anyone wants one. Click up there. I'm trying to get my shit together sponsorship wise so ... yeah... still free. Come on... love to have ya!

Do you ever read some big blogger blog and just scratch the old noggin??? Like what the French? Is she drunk? Bajillions of followers hanging on every word must not think so. Hmmmm. 

I'm not wearing pants anymore this summer. It has officially hit the 90-ish range here daily and that means skirts and dresses only. It's just too hot for pants. Running shorts are ok, but that's it and I can't wear those to work. And my favorite black Rockstar jeans from Old Navy came out of the dryer with a huge hole in them from wear on the inner thigh/crotch seam... lovely. No pants seems ideal to me. 

I'm not losing weight right now because I am still cheating with too many cocktails. There I said it. At least I admit my shortcomings. 

I really want to make a huge batch of beer punch because someone put that in my head this week. Amy I'm looking at you. If you are not familiar... more on this tomorrow....

I'm going to my first Biker Rally/Music Festival next weekend and I can't wait. Bikers, Bikes, Bikinis, Beer.
Or maybe a big batch of beer punch???

And these guys are headlining Saturday night and I am stoked because I LOVE them. Blackberry Smoke. Think Allman Bros, Lynyrd Skynyrd, bluesy southern rock... and beards... love me some beards!!!

Time for me to stop thinking about booze and blues and bikers and beards and get to work. 

Happy Thursday... it's almost the weekend. 

Why is time going at warp speed? Is it the Mercury retrograde thing?


  1. Hey Amy!! OMG that's awesome that she got to hang out with Sophia from the TWD! LOVE that show!! lol


  2. I'm not losing weight because I'm cheating with the carbs. It's so hard!!!

  3. I can totally see you with a bearded man.

    Some big blogs I'm like uh, what the F is the draw here?

    Beer punch is awesome. That is all.

  4. Im in Alabama and I agree with the heat its freaking killer!!
    My man is bearded...beards are hot Ill kill him if he shaves it.
    What is a sponsor Im always behind I keep asking but no one answers me so well last try!

  5. Uh, you're welcome and why don't you make us both some beer punch, mmmmkay? And while you may have gotten your mind focused, now I'm thinking about booze, bikers and beards. And yes, why don't people love us more than those crazy big bloggers . . . I bet we are more fun anyway. Am I right?!?

  6. I think some bloggers ARE drunk when they post... bahahaha!

  7. i keep seeing this beer punch all over blogland and i need to try it fo sho. shot ski? yes please.

  8. Thats what those skiis are for!? I've seen them hanging in bars and had no clue!