Friday the 13th Favorites

Friday, June 13, 2014

I can't believe it's Friday oh... and also the night when all the freaks my ex-husband are filled with rage and acting a fool. That's right it's the muther effing full moon on Friday the 13th. Apparently this will not occur again for 35 years. So we are making history today people... do something epic... like link up with Amanda for some Friday Favorites!

I am getting a late start due to being a lazy heifer all week and not pre-planning a darn thing blog related. It's a good thing my head is abuzz with good stuff, I hope, and lots of favorites to share....

First up a new favorite Urban Dictionary word. I don't know about you guys but a lot of times before I go out I have a nice cocktail at home. A little pre-gaming if you will. Usually a nice glass of wine or a fun hand crafted bevvie. Little did I know there was actual terminology for this... much like the amuse bouche you get in a fancy pants restaurant. I give you the...

A small fancy drink at home before you go out to drink more.
I'm going to have a glass of champagne as my amuse booze before I go to brunch for more drinks.
by Jmarsh5 June 08, 2014
I am currently all fan-girl over a few people on the planet including but not limited to the Zac Brown Band. And it also really melts my butter when I get some fan girl recognition from some famous people that I stalk, IG, tweet to, etc. And it's pretty funny how often it happens on social media but it still makes me happy happy... I know... dorkalicious

And because as I said I didn't do much any pre-planning let's just get to some funny stuff ...

Who, at one time or another, has not imagined their dog doing human things... and how freaking hysterical it would be?

I have nightmares about showing up at a party on the wrong night....

The new season of Honey Boo Boo started this week, or as my 8 year old calls them... that special needs family.

And you know it's that time when your moods swing whiplash is in full effect causing you to go from zero to hero on a dime... y'all know what I'm talkin about

22 Jump Street opens today. Channing Tatum-um-um-um-yum and Jonah Hill is also hilarious... yay for stupid funny movies.

I love everything in it's place... this makes me want to vomit and pee my pants at the same time.... follow the salesperson.

I am always telling my kids not to jump in puddles and this is precisely why...

And don't forget to come link up with me on Tuesday where we will talk some summer shiz.... get the deetz here....

And try not to fall in the pool this weekend like these dorks.

Moondance by Other on Grooveshark 
Have a great weekend everybody!!!


  1. I laughed so hard during 21 Jump Street. I won't pay for the theater but can't wait for 22 Jump Street to be on demand!

  2. The kid getting hit by the playhouse door made me laugh a LOT, I'm such a bitch. Have a great weekend!

  3. your gifs always make me laugh! mmmm Jumpstreet 22 Ill go see that and let the bf watch spiderman with the kids LOL

  4. Seriously I have watched that one gif like 10 he trying to do a cartwheel into the pool and majorly misses??? I am so excited for the new Jumpstreet movie.....I am not joking when I tell you how much I seriously scream laughed out loud at the first one. Thanks so much for linking up I always look forward to your post every week!

  5. GAHHHHHHHHH freaked out by that puddle one.

  6. omg your gifs are HILARIOUS. i look forward to the falling down ones every time!!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Amuse Booze! How have I not heard of this?? And I always wonder about dogs doing human things and it looks exactly like that gif haha!

  8. Those are great! plus score for a little ZBB love!

  9. Hey Amy!!! Omg those GIFS are crazy lol! And iv'e been hearing aaamazing things about 21 Jump street! Every time I see a clip I laugh my ass off. Have a great weekend Amy and talk soon!! XOXO ;D


  10. I would be so crazy excited if the Zac Brown Band liked one of my photos, that is awesome! All of your funnies are too much, good finds for sure.