Crazy Weekending

Monday, August 4, 2014


Another weekend flew by in my world. Friday night was spent at night one of cheer camp which was just a meet and greet and getting all of our equipment aka sweating in a gym with a lot of other Mom's decked out in their bedazzled "cheer mom" shirts. This drove my partner in crime and I straight to the purchase of a 64 oz growler of delicious craft beer (pictured below), very un-cheer-mom.  It was my first growler experience and I liked it. Saturday was the actual camp ending with a performance for the parents and you will never guess who I ran into there!!!

The Pilot!!! Do you guys remember me talking about him? The one I "met" on Tinder? We never actually went out because turns out Pilots are never home. And I got the distinct impression that he was just looking for someone to fill an occasional hour or two while he was in town. No thanks. So he spots me in the bleachers only he said he wasn't sure if it was me and sent me a "what are you up to today" text. I knew our daughters cheered at the same place last year so I suspected he was there. Sure enough he was waiting at the bottom of the bleachers for me. Awkward... and he was short. Like possibly shorter than me. Once again proving my point... you have to meet IRL quickly or you are just wasting your time. I don't do short. And now I know. Bummer. He had a weird voice too which I thought when we had talked on the phone, but definitely a Kermit the Frog quality to it in person.

Fast forward,  I am alive and it feels like a miracle considering the mass quantities of alcohol consumed by my tennis team and I on Saturday night. And food, really good food... these Atomic Buffalo Turds on the big green egg were the biggest hit of the party. That's a jalapeno, stuffed with cream cheese and fresh pineapple, wrapped in bacon and smoked. I shit you not... ah-mazing!!! There is about 100 different variations of this on Pinterest if you want to try them. I highly recommend!

I have lived in my neighborhood for 13 years now and in the beginning we had parties of epic proportion pretty regularly. We were all a lot younger then though and the parties have slowed down and gotten a lot smaller over time. This weekend was a throw back to days gone by. So much so that Sunday was a complete waste of human existence for me. I may have been poisoned, I'm not sure, not really. It was one of those hangovers that feel pretty bad when you wake up but you're still technically drunk. So about 4 or 5 hours later is when you feel like you want to wrap yourself in a blanket of cold bathroom tile and moan yourself to sleep/death.  Thank goodness I had pre-planned for not a thing to do on Sunday since I was completely and 100% useless. Even my dog could tell how bad off I was and assaulted me by licking my mouth while I was sleeping, I guess that was payback for me putting a pink feather boa on him and taking pictures last week. Little shit.

Anyway, I survived Sunday and that's all I can say about that. Oh and I'm never drinking again.


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  1. Oh no! Short and weird voice and a bit stalkery? Bad combo! I totally agree about meeting IRL as soon as possible!

  2. Ugh, I know those hangovers. So freaking painful!

    1. It was absolutely awful. I'm still not 100% right and it's freaking Monday!!

  3. i literally went 'ew' when you said he was short. no no no. so awkward!
    atomic buffalo turds?! hahahaha they look yum though. oh you poor thing it sounds like you definitely had alcohol poisoning! i was hungover but not that bad but still not fun. we cant hang like we used to, haha.

  4. Seriously, just meet as soon as possible so you can know. Dont waste time.

  5. Aahhh, the pilot. Shame he's not gonna work out . . . And the "atomic buffalo turds" - so funny!!! Glad you made it out alive from Sunday!!

  6. hahaha nooo the pilot!! How do all these awkward things keep getting thrown at you, really??

    Oh man I was needing a cold bathroom floor to lay on this Sunday too...except I had to get on a plane.

  7. I cannot hang like that any more, I need to pre-plan to suck the next day for sure!

    Those atomic turds look awesome.

    Poop on the pilot.