Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vodka and Soda

Linking up with Kathy because it's what we do on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian West was on my boyfriend's show last night. Thats WWHL on Bravo with Andy Cohen in case ya didn't know. I'm sorry but I can't stand her ass. I am all about some boo-tay on a woman (J-Lo) but this is just kinda gross and mushy looking... and I bet it's fake. It's just not normal looking. I mean the top half of her is soooo small.  I watch My Strange Addiction. I saw the but implant episode people. Here's Kim-ye....

Here's fake butt implant lady. You decide.

I will however confess that she actually sounds smarter than I ever gave her credit for. She was talking about a new 250 page coffee table book she is putting out next year. It's just of her selfies. You heard that right. Not just the selfies that made it onto social media but the 20 or so she took before she got the one she liked.... like we all do. I kind of think this is a little bit of a genius idea because we can all relate. I'm sure she will make more millions.

I ate a brownie for breakfast. But I counted in in My Fitness Pal!!!

My home state of MI has had some tremendous rain and flooding here lately and when I saw the pics I couldn't help but laugh a little. I mean, you had to know shit was getting deep and you were out driving around anyway ya moron!!! When the police say stay off the roads, especially when all the old freeways up there are below the main street level, stay off the roads!!! These cars are on the entrance ramp. What does that tell you? Okay maybe they floated up there? Sheesh.

It took a long time for me to start sleeping in the middle of the bed after my ex left. It just felt so weird. But now that's where you can find me every night, all night. Except when I get up to do anything, like pee for 2 seconds and this guy moves smack into my spot.  And then I have to shove 50 lbs of fake sleeping dog back to his corner. Little shit.

I am trying really hard not to rush head on into fall while it's still August but every time I get on Pinterest this is all I see....

Or this....

And I want it. Fall is the most comfy season of all in my opinion. Bring on the cooler temps puh-lease!!!!

Please stop by tomorrow for my post on Tia and Candra's #TracktheTank traveling tank top excursion/Giveaway and what motivates me in terms of fitness. 

Have a great day everybody!!!


  1. I wish I knew when fall starts and summer ends. Down here its so freaking hot all year that I dont get to wear cute clothes. =( you're gonna have to wear them all for me.

  2. I can't wait for fall either! Give me boots and sweaters and scarves right now! Ok maybe a couple more weeks of pool drinking wouldn't hurt, but I'm with you, fall fashion is the best!

  3. OoO love those outfits!

    And totally feel you on the thief puppy! Mine steal my spot all the time!

  4. Ooooh noooo Kim K's book on selfies I just...and she is going to make zillions off of it. Love those fall outfits! and wtf is up with these people trying to drive in that???

  5. we've had some crazy rain and flooding in part of the city as well. and those fall outfits - i die! i bought one comfy sweater for fall from AE for $15.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  6. I love being able to hide my stomach fat with lovely cardigans. Wheeeeeee.

    That's a smart move by Kim K - and I'm leaning towards fake ass.

    I never sleep in the middle of the bed, even when I'm alone. I'm very into my side, always have been since I got a double bed as a kid!

  7. Oh god... the last thing this world needs is more selfies from Kim Kardashian! hahaha

  8. i am not ready for fall, but i kinda am ready for the cute outfits.