Last Lazy Weekend

Monday, August 18, 2014


Well this was the last weekend before football starts up again. Which means cheer leading for me. Every Saturday for the next 2 plus months. Do I sound excited? I am a turrible cheer Mom. I don't join in the reindeer games with the other Moms and cheer leading is not my life. I mean I socialize and they all like me but I kinda think the whole thing is a bit much. I pretty much go to the ball field to scope out the single Dad possibilities. What?? I mean aside from watching my beautiful girl do her thing it's the next best part of youth sports! We did have team pics this past weekend and I couldn't resist snapping a quick one of my little blue-eyed princess!

Since we didn't have to do anything special this weekend we didn't. We grilled out, the kids ran wild in the neighborhood, rode bikes, swam. I rekindled my love affair with the Dollar Tree because I have decided to make a much more concerted effort to save money. I got so excited over my haul I forgot to take a picture of my basket full of stuff that ended up costing me $17.95. I did good and I was proud of myself. The kids love that place too cause we  always get extra treats there,  I can't say no to something that costs a dollar. I got laundry detergent for a dollar. I also got indoor flood lights for a dollar to replace the 2 that have been burned out in my kitchen for weeks. Those things are $7.99 at Wal-mart. I had to draw the line at anything beauty related though, I just couldn't do it. What's your favorite dollar store score?

And guess what else??? It's still August, at least last I checked, but none the less Fall is in full force in the beer industry. Fall/Pumpkin/Harvest variety beers are everywhere. Kroger even has giant ceramic pumpkins out front! I am going to try to hold off until September but I do love me some Octoberfest... so we'll see.
So that was that for me and my babes last weekend. I have a little girls lake day and night planned for this Saturday and I can't wait. Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. I'm your daughter is just a beauty!! You know we don't have any dollar stores here and it's kind of sad because you can get great cards and little things there on the cheap!! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I also love the dollar store! I had russell stover caramels last week and they were delicious, hopefully those red velvet candies are the same. I love when they have decor that is actually cute and doesn't look too cheap.

  3. oh she is so cute! i love the dollar store, i always spend so much money there. single dads, what what ;)

  4. Dollar stores can be so dangerous! I just keep loading my basket up!

  5. Aww how cute is she!!!! My fav dollar store buy is school/office supplies! Also once I found really nice thank you cards there that would have been like $15 at Target!

  6. What??? Flood lights at the dollar store??? I might have t make a trip over there. Those things are always so dang expensive!

  7. I get most of my organizers at the Dollar Store. Their plastic baskets rock for that.

  8. Your children are seriously gorgeous. Those eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so excited for all of the fall stuff that's popping up everywhere... I got me some fall scented candles at the Bath and Body Works sale - can't wait for them to get here!