Randomness That Is Tuesday...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I am really tempted to throw out my scale. Literally.  Do you live and die by the scale? I do and I don't. I gauge progress by my clothes. We all know how it "feels" to gain/lose. Mentally the numbers are always in the back of my mind though....  but how much do they really matter? How do you get the numbers out of your brain??

I was thinking about my eating habits and Instagram. I have been trying to eat clean/paleo for about the last year, maybe a little more. Instagram keeps me honest. I don't mind posting my cheats but I really get off on posting my good stuff and my successes. And food in general. How do I get to be a food stylist? That would be the coolest job ever!!! 

Success to me is probably about 80% right now, my summer number. What does that mean? I mean I feel if I am doing 80% of what  I am supposed to be doing (eating, fitness, money managing, life managing, household responsibilities, work) I feel pretty good. Don't judge me. Guess what? That was summer and summer is over for me technically since kids are back to school. I really feel a little more comfortable at about 90% because when I give myself permission to back off the first thing that goes is working out because I am inherently lazy. Ironically this one thing throws everything else off. And I mean everything. Because I immediately start feeling "less good"... tired, cranky, sleeping for shit, eating for shit. Just going for walks with my dog the last couple days has made a world of difference in my mood. Amazing.

Small victories are my jam. I am not a greedy bitch:)

Below Deck Season 2 starts tonight... I can't wait. Guilty pleasure. 

I got the tank in the mail from Val yesterday for #trackthetank and I am so excited. It's going out for a photo shoot here in my home town tonight. All of my fitness musings today are leading up to my Thursday post for the link up about what motivates me in my fitness journey. If you have no idea what I am talking about look here: 

And how can I not say something about the creative genius we lost yesterday? I am so sad that this man was lost in a moment of dark despair. Life can be so hard.  He brought so much joy to so many it is hard to fathom that for whatever reasons,  that joy was not his to hold onto, but to give away to us his fans. Cheers to you Robin Williams. Rest In Peace. See you on the other side.



  1. Hey Amy! I have been up-down back and forth with my #'s too! I have made it a goal to be less hard on myself and concentrate more on consistency. Hang in there Amy. And as for the loss of Robin, I have been grieving since I heard the news. It almost feels like we lost a member of our own family. Growing up with him, and him always being there. Its such a shame and a loss to lose someone so special. He truly will never ever be replaced. The world was a better place with him in it.


  2. I say screw the scale! There are times when I'll lose inches but not pounds. I much prefer to go by the fit of my clothes.

    I'm so heartbroken about the loss of Robin Williams. He was such a brilliant man and will be greatly missed.

  3. Can we just talk about how much food stylists get paid?!?!??! It's insane. do it.

  4. I live by the scale. I try not to. But the numbers haunt me because I know they are the reason my clothes aren't fitting. When the number on the scale goes down, my clothes fit better. So I do go by my clothes as well but they go hand in hand.
    I am so sad about Robin Williams. You said it very well, he could not hold on to the joy that he gave to millions. I can't believe it.

  5. I used to live and die by the scale. It consumed me. It was a dark period for me and one that I will always have as a reminder in case I ever consider getting all crazy again. I used to let that number judge how I felt, "when" I would finally consider myself confident and 130 wasn't pretty. But 120 would be. I would never measure, only weigh. Day after day after day. The faster the number would go down, the less I would eat. It was an insane cycle and I didn't even realize I was doing it to myself. I surpassed 120 and my new, prettier goal was 110. By 112 I couldn't fit into regular Junior size clothing anymore. I had a meltdown and "saw the light." I literally threw my scale out the front door and went all Office Space on it. I knew how to much, when, etc to maintain my weight or even just put on a few lbs since I was so malnourished, but since I only focused on the scale, it's like I didn't focus on the specifics of eating. When I took that much needed break, I did, put on weight again, but I think I needed to. When I started up on a new (healthy) fitness journey, I focused on how my clothes fit vs weight. Starting that way never puts the focus on the scale. I haven't weighed myself (outside of doctor's visits) in years. Does my weight fluctuate? Sure, but I already know how to fix it.
    Sorry for the lengthy's a vicious cycle and one that I hope you can eventually break. You already have all the tools and all the knowledge, you just have to apply them. :)

  6. I'd be lying if I said I didn't sidle up the scale every once and a while and jump into the splits if that number goes down or break something if that number goes up...BUT I try to just go by how I'm feeling/looking in clothes too. :) I always tend to feel 100% better in all aspects of my life if my eating habits are on track and my workouts are on point too!

  7. I try really hard not to live by the scale but I do. It can make or break my mood some days but I keep telling myself, muscle outweighs fat and how I feel is more important than a number. Hard in a world that is so number driven. Small victories are the BEST!

    RIP Robin Williams. I was so saddened by the news. Another great icon lost.

  8. i haven't looked at the scale since hmmm... 2011? i can't even remember. even when i started my journey, i didn't touch the scale - i knew that i wanted to build muscle and when i lose fat to be replaced by muscle, the scale probably wouldn't move much. so i just went by how i felt and how my clothes fit.

  9. I think 80% is a good operating number in the summer, maybe even a little high for me. I'm about 75%. LOL

    I don't own a scale.

  10. I used to live and die about it but I seem to fluctuate between the same 5lbs so I am done with it if I eat right and exercise I am good.

  11. That gif wins the internet today! :)
    I try to aim for 90% too but it's HARD! The little things sure do add up though! :)

  12. I just threw out my scale last week! I never knew if it was right or wrong and it was always frustrating either way.