Oh Hey Friday!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh hey! I took a blogging day off yesterday because my brain was/is fried by my personal shit show and frankly I needed a couple of nights in bed with bad TV and no laptop. And also I decided to do a little something different and link up with  Amy at The Farmer's Wife and Karli at September Farm because I thought 5 things was doable today and that's about it. Oh and I like them too cause they are super cool and the button is pink and green with black and white stripes... winner.  So here's my 5 things for this week...

ONE...... In case ya didn't hear I got my hairs cut. About 2.5 inches and some long layers and it feels like 5 lbs. off of my head. I still feel slightly guilty about spending that cash on myself but Jesus Lord I haven't had it cut in a year. And.... I love my hairdresser so much, she always makes me look fabulous even for 6:30 on a Thursday night....

TWO...... Speaking of how much I love my hairdresser. She got married last year and I went to the wedding and still owed her a gift... cause I was a total slacker and didn't do things in the right order! So I checked that off my list last night too and hand delivered her wedding gift... only a year late but who's counting.  Who wouldn't love a monogrammed drinks bucket??? Here's the one I got but since you really can't tell what it is I am giving you an extra pic cause it really does make the perfect gift!


THREE.......   I have just recently decided to take to the Twitterverse to complain about any and all companies who give me bad service. This week it was Comcast's turn. To make a long story short my bill for cable, Internet and phone has reached astronomical proportions and I can't afford it. After numerous customer no-service reps telling me there was nothing they could do, I was already getting the best deal going.... HA!!!.... one angry tweet later turns out not true at all. Yesterday I got a call from a lovely gentleman who was miraculously able to shave off nearly $100 from my monthly bill for the next 12 months... locked down! Yes, I said a HUNDO!!!  This makes Amy very, very happy. Marry me @ComcastMike on Twitter, I love you man!!!

FOUR..... 35 Days until our domination begins again... GO NOLES!!!!!

FIVE..... It's August. That means about a month till September... and my birthday. Which means new ink. That's on my birthday agenda anyway if I can squirrel away enough pennies to treat myself that is. So I have the shop picked out and the artist. Now the hardest part... the actual tattoo

Kinda thinking about swallows, sugar skulls ( but that might be too done) or maybe a lil cupcake. 

That's about all I got for today ladies and gentlemen!! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. um, social media is for slandering companies who give you shit service. I'M ALLLL FOR THAT. congrats on getting $100 shaved off!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Woo hoo for fresh new do! Looks great... I didn't know you were a noles fan...there may be some choice words come Thanksgiving when they play the Gators lol!

  3. Amy, I literally laughed outloud at your Twitter rant and proposal! I feel the same way about Verizon. Greedy bastards! I should hate-tweet them! Maybe they can stop robbing me each month!

  4. I have had really good luck with twitter and airline companies. It;s nice to actually get answers and help!

    1. Yeah, companies don't seem to like the Twitter venting too much!

    2. Awesome wedding gift
    3. I totally just did this after reading your post lets see if it works for me ;)
    4.SEC here ROLL TIDE
    5. EEEKKK I love the swallows and sugar skull!

  6. venting and speaking my mind is precisely why I ever joined Twitter!

    love the hair! I wish I had that kind of volume, instead I have more of a frizzfro that ends up in a ponytail 99% of the time.

    1. I love Twitter, I don't get why people don't get it. They must not be doing it right!

      And thanks! And trust me I rock the ponytail quite a lot myself!!

  7. I played the Twitter game with those bastard assholes at Comcast last year and locked into $100 off for 24 months. The epic shitstorm I blew their way still fills me with glee.

    Your hair looks fabulous!

  8. Gotta love when companies actually respond on social media. That is amazing they took that much off!

    and how did I not realize you were a fellow FSU fan!?

  9. that is so amazing they actually took that much off and listened to you! they suck. your hair looks amazing girl!

  10. Love your haircut! Your hair is gorgeous so beautiful and thick! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire