Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Venus Trapped in Mars

It's that time again to get totally social with 2 of the leading ladies of  blog land Helene and Sarah. And who can't get behind this one... Guilty Pleasures. We all have them for sure. One of the cool things about getting older is that I have started feeling markedly less guilty about my guilty pleasures. Like things I would never have admitted to anyone 5 or 10 years ago I just don't really give a shit about telling anyone now. I don't know why but for whatever reason I give way less of a fuck than I used to. Sometimes I throw in the "don't judge me" but I really don't care. Judge away.....

1. Staying home and doing nothing. As in NO-things, nada, zip, just being generally pretty lazy. I probably talk about this too much but when I was married I never felt like I could take a minute off let alone a whole weekend. For me, being a stay-at-home Mom made me feel like whenever my husband was home I had to look busy. My own effed up perception. Now, I very rarely have a weekend with no kids and absolutely no commitments so when I do it's an all out slob fest. I am so on the go all the time there is something about coming home on Friday and not leaving until Monday morning that is just welcome to me once in awhile. I have one friend who loves to tell me to get up, get out, go do something ... to which I love saying "No, I don't want to". And nobody can tell me I have to!

2. Domino's Thin Crust Pizza with White Sauce - Seriously I am an addict. I discovered their thin crust/white sauce combo kinda by accident and I can pretty much eat a whole one with my daughter or maybe by myself in 2 days or with a really awful hangover. Seriously. It's like a cracker so it's not like eating a regular slice of pizza. And the white sauce... it's some kind of creamy, garlicky, buttery combination of I am sure thousands of chemicals that cause cancer, heart disease, lunacy... you name it. It has got to be bad but why does it taste so good???? Go order one now, I like it with Feta and Mushrooms and/or Spinach. Ur welcome.

3. Make-Up... In Particular the Glittery Smokey Eye. I guess I'm not sure if this is still a guilty pleasure because I have gotten it under control. I have successfully learned to avoid Sephora and Ulta unless I have completely run out of something I use daily. Sometimes I wonder if my eyes are even appropriate for day time but nothing gets my rocks off like a dark smoldering, smudgy eye with some glitter over top of it. So I indulge myself. If you don't like it, look away:)

4. Bravo - This one really makes me actually feel guilty because I can easily put Bravo on and watch other peoples lives unfold all day long. Neglecting my laundry, house cleaning, bill paying, grocery shopping and children. No problem... give me all the hair pulling and name calling. These women are so over the top it's hard to relate to their lives at all, so why can I not stop watching. And then there is Below Deck... ugh... how can I not watch a show about young, hot, single people travelling the globe working/drinking/partying on a charter yacht???

5. Tattooed Men on Instagram - I have a problem. I can't stop drooling over some of these guys. I look at their pictures like there are little birds flying around my head. I don't know what it is but the whole package just does it for me.  My faves are @tattooedjesus, @paulblake357 and @_tattedgingy_. Now, if I could only find one IRL.  I would straight up kill to show up at the neighborhood pool with one of these dudes.

6. Creme Horns - If you know me at all you know I am all about the frosting not the cake. I will scrape that shit off and shamelessly eat it, and yours too if you don't want it. So this little pastry is my jam times one million. Because the only thing I might like as much as sugary frosting is anything wrapped in pastry. No shame in my game, I can eat a few on a bad day. That's why I don't buy them. But if you ever want to cheer me up..... creme horns.

So those are just a handful of my guilty pleasures. Honorable mentions include but are not limited to.... Nachos, clean sheets, long hot showers, $2 flip flops in every color, Ruffles & French Onion Dip, stupid expensive Nike tennis dresses, sausage biscuits,  tattoos that no one knows about, Victoria's Secret Bras with all the bling, lace and bows, red wine in the wintertime, chili cheese fries, Nutella cheesecake, King Crab Legs cracked for me and dipped in butter, drinking on the beach, drinking in the pool, drinking on the lake, live music anywhere anytime, pumpkin spice anything, Brazilian waxing, buying fresh flowers, giant fountain drinks from QT or RaceTrac... like the stupid huge cups,  dating younger men, spending way too much time on IG and binge watching all the shows about people killing people on Discovery ID and Oxygen.
Hey, there are way worse things to be feeling guilty about!


  1. I like laying around on weekends and not doing anything, but for some reason I always schedule things. After a recent ankle injury I've been (somewhat) forced to stay at home and it has been glorious! Lots of movies, TV, video games, and reading.

  2. Bravo is so easy to be sucked into. All the time.

  3. will you come over and help me do my eye makeup?!! please and thank you!

  4. I don't think doing nothing should be a guilty pleasure - you deserve it!

  5. We might have been separated at birth….I am right there with you on staying home and doing absolutely nada, all things Bravo, I don’t think I’ve had a crème horn, but I’m going to go get some now because I too love the frosting and not the cake, I don’t drink red wine, but I will drink Moscato wine any time of year, chili cheese fries (dipped in ranch), just about any type of cheesecake, king crab legs dipped in butter (I too prefer them cracked for me and if we’re being honest, I would really just rather you crack them and go ahead and get the meat out of the shell for me) drinking in a pool, lake, ocean, live music, huge Dr. Pepper fountain drinks, my boyfriend is five years younger than me, and I love the Discovery ID channel!

  6. um so can we be best friends? haha your list would look a lot like mine.

  7. Teach me how to do my eyes. Because pretty!

  8. oh good lord give me that creme horn thing NOW.

  9. #5, I'm right there with you which is odd because I have no tattoos, and am marrying a man with no tattoos, but something about looking at them just...I just...

  10. I'm also a single mom who is constantly on the go and when I get a weekend off to do nothing it's like Heaven! Nothing to feel guilty about, life's too short right?!!

    Also tattooed men=Yummy!!

  11. I definitely agree a couple of years ago I cared much more about what people thought about my likes and dislikes - thank goodness that stage of my life is over! lol