Friday Favorites

Friday, September 12, 2014

What a week.... my birthday week. I feel like I aged 10 years. This is what happens when I have to deal with my ex-douchebag.  I can't understand how anyone can just be so completely self absorbed when they have children. Looks like we might be heading back to court which I knew would come eventually but I'm not ready. Ugh... I am glad this week is over. 

So here's what.....  My Noles and Clemson both have a bye week before we square off at the Doak next Saturday. Rest up Tigers and prepare for your beatins'.

Florida State Football: What the Noles Learned About Clemson During the Bye Week

Ray Rice.... what ever you get it's still too good for you. You are pond scum. Ravens did the right thing.

911... I always think it will be less emotional for me the next year. It never is. Never.

Jim Harbaugh's Pants... I mean come on. This guy is just a bit older than me but he looks like he's wearing Grampa's pants. Someone please help him. Jim.... please....

Pumpkin Spice everything... but not this. Ok, so this might not be real but it's funny as shit. I mean we do love our pumpkin spice ladies. 

pumpkin spice condom

Big Ben let me down.  I have 2 really good Fantasy QB's and I am screwed in the first two games. WTF

And on to some funny stuff....

I would be the kid standing there looking around this week...

My kids have this app on their phones for adding effects to videos and they love to blow each other up. I don't know why but I think it's so funny.

I love seeing grown men act a fool....

This is precisely why I would never parasail. I know this would happen to me.

Also never allow yourself to be video taped doing anything in a bikini.

Or on a slip n slide...

Wait, is this the same guy?

Have a great weekend errrrbody!

Later dayzzzzzzzz,


  1. hahahahhahahahha you find the best falling down gifs.

    sorry you have to deal with ex douchecanoe :( hope it all works out, though.

  2. Harbaugh's Pants - seriously glad I'm not the only one who noticed, it's grandpa status at it's finest and we all know he can afford better! Happy Friday, have a good weekend!

  3. The PSL condom made me die laughing.

    Jim Harbaugh, get it together.

    Totally agree on September 11 and Ray Rice.

    Sorry your birthday week aged you and court is looming sooner than you thought.

  4. oh my god that condom i was like wtf! and seriously Harbaugh's pants, and his face, he always looks so mad!

  5. PSL Condoms! LMFAO! Love it!

    Sorry you have to go back to Court. It could be could be married to Ray Rice. ;) Hang in there love!

  6. Oh my gosh, those last few videos were hysterical and the PSL condom is way too funny. Sorry about the shitty ex situation but happy birthday anyhow!!

    xx 365hangers