Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oh lawd lots I could be confessin up in here this week. Like if I could pick a theme song for myself right now it would def be Shake it Off. I love this song, never thought I would say that about a T-Swift tune.

This week, I wish you were over already. But I must say, one day with no phone calls from you know who and I am already feeling much better.

FU people who keep butting into my business. And just because you say "I'm just trying to help or mediate" doesn't make it ok. It's not your business.

I had 892 page views yesterday as opposed to my normal 300 or so. Does anyone know why this happens every once in awhile? I can't figure it out but it happens periodically. Weird. 

I got something in the mail yesterday that was a total GOOD surprise. I open the mail with dread in my soul every day because it's usually a bill of some sort or a debt related correspondence thanks ex-douchebag. And since my bday has passed I wasn't expecting any gifts but I think what I got may be a blessing in disguise. I don't want to jinx it. But it involves $$$$$$$. Woohoo!!!!

All the men in my life that I am not related to by blood can go suck a bag of dicks. Each and every one of you is pissing me the fuck off. So... yeah... ugh. 

My teenager is so wise beyond her years, I just can't believe I made her. I was upset and teary on Monday and she was comforting ME, which seems wrong I know but it was so sweet. We were talking about moving and I said "what if we have to live somewhere awful?" and she plainly looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and said "then we'll make it great... we'll make it fun". I have the most amazing kids, truly. 

Of course I am linking up with Kathy today as always.... so hump this Ian. 

Vodka and Soda

Oh and hey guess what??? If you don't have anything else going on please join me on Monday Sept. 22 for the See My City Link up with Jess and Natalie to talk about 5 things in your city that go on during the most glorious of seasons... Fall. You can click on this and get all the deets!!

Livin' On Sweet Tea

Happy Humpday... and thanks for all the love yesterday:)


  1. Your kids rock. And your teenager is right. You'll make it great because you are a great mom raising great kids.

    How long will the linkup be open? I don't know if I can get my shit together by next week. LOL

  2. aww your daughter is so sweet!! And on blogger you can check your traffic sources to see where those extra views are coming from. I predict that Tuesday sucks and you're hilarious so everyone bops over for a laugh.

  3. For whatever reason I believe that when you write about something juicy in your life, people perk up and read. Maybe that's why? You confessed a lot yesterday, and it's uncommon to be so raw to the internet, you know?

  4. That's awesome about your kiddo. Sorry you're having a rough time though. Could the extra traffic be from Pinterest? Occasionally an old post will take off on Pinterest for me but the traffic is usually short lived.

  5. Visiting from Kathy's link up! Yay for good mail and sweet teenagers! I hope your week improves and things start to look up for you & your family. :)

  6. i want kayla to be that awesome teenager! tell me your secret parenting ways!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I sometimes get view spike too. I attribute it to using pics from a URL and the traffic is coming from google searches.. OORRR Russian spam bots, which I get a lot of for certain pics I've used. I don't even look at my page views on blogger anymore because I know they are so skewed from the spambots. :(

  8. yay for money in the mail lol! i have never had a view spike like that so can't help you girl! but i am in love with shake it off, and that gif is my favourite part of the video lol