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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hey Y'all... I am linking up & co-hosting with Jess today at Livin' on Sweet Tea and Natalie at Natalie Blair for another installment of the See My City Link Up fall edition. If you would like to join us just post about 5 things to do in your town or area during the fall, or some native fall decor, or fall traditions... anything fall really! You pick.... cause who doesn't love fall??? The link up will be open all week!

So I am going to just let you know about a few cool things to do in the Atlanta area during the fall. Some of these you could actually go see anytime but fall just happens to be the best in my opinion.  

The Historic Oakland Cemetery - Atlanta, GA

Ok so you might think this is a weird one but I love history and architecture and old stuff in general. Boom... this place is a triple threat for me and it's right downtown. You can take tours here year round but only during the month of October do the gates stay open after dark for Halloween tours. Some of Atlanta's famous and legendary folks and founding fathers are permanent residents here, most of which you would not know unless you live here. Margaret Mitchell is probably one of the most well known. There are also nearly 3000 unknown Confederate soldiers buried here, some since the civil war, others were moved from battlefields after the war was over. Lots of history and an absolutely hauntingly beautiful place.

The Cumming Country Fair and Festival - Cumming, GA

I am sure that every little town in America has some sort of fall festival and mine is no different. We actually have a really really good one and it lasts for about 10 days in October. It's your typical fair with the big trucks that come rolling in and all the carny people along with them, set up the rides, food trucks, freak shows and the like. I love that shit and my kids are finally old enough to really get into the big rides. I won't lie, it's usually my one funnel cake for the year and maybe those spiral sliced potatoes too. Mostly it just feels like fall and it's the best people watching possibly for the entire year. The fair brings out all kinds!!!

This is my favorite things to ride, the chairlift... because wimp.

It really does look like this where I live... I love it here!

Oktoberfest - Helen, GA

This is about an hour north of Atlanta or so, a little less for me but they have a tiny Alpine looking village in the North GA mountains that really looks like Germany. I think, at least what Southerners think Germany looks like. Every weekend in October people flock here from all over to see the changing leaves, walk the streets, drink beer and eat sauerkraut. I have downed a few pitchers there myself a time or two. It's always a good time and also just smacks of fall in the Atlanta area.

Oh yeah, there is a river running thru the town that you can tube down too. And then drink more beer.

Burt's Farm - Dawsonville, GA

Also a must see just a little north of Atlanta. Burt's is a tradition for us. Back in the day we used to get a giant pumpkin but I just can't see $40 on a pumpkin anymore so now we just get your basic carving pumpkin and maybe a few gourds and a treat or two. We really just go cause it's fun to see hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins all in one place. They have every variety there is too... white, green, Cinderella, covered with warts... you name it. Makes for some great photo ops too. If you go make sure you get the pumpkin butter and take the hay ride.

It looks like this only with about 500 more people!

The Cheesecake Factory - Atlanta, GA

And.... I know this is not really an Atlanta thing but I look forward to it every year. Pumpkin pecan cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. I love all things pumpkin, and all things cheesecake I don't hate either. And did I mention it's cheesecake on top of pecan pie? Yeah... don't hate that either!

What goes on in your neck of the woods for fall?

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  1. oh how fun does Oktoberfest look! not to mention the fair and festival. might have to head down there one day!

  2. Girl you have me wanting to take a trip to Atlanta - the cemetery, the farm, the fair all of it looks like so much fun!

  3. WOW! Your town looks just as fun too! I would LOOOOOVE to go to that cemetery!

  4. Your town is GORGEOUS. That sky.

    Everything looks fun, I'd do it all.

  5. Oooooh I think doing Oktoberfest in Helen sounds amazing! I wish we had something like that around here. Obviously I'm a sucker for Fairs (since I work at one) but ours are more of a summer thing. I wish they were in the fall though, because that would be the perfect kick off for fall! Great pictures all around.

  6. holy crap, i have to come visit now. I want to go to all those places during the fall.

  7. I love Atlanta! I told Mark I would honestly move there in a heartbeat. Fall really is my absolute favorite season. Looks like some great things going on up there to put you in the spirit!