Get Your Shit Together Carol

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And by Carol I mean Me. Ok so summer is over, the last of the 3 day weekend holidays is over and my birthday is over. I have no more excuses and it's time to quit dicking around and set a few goals to finish out this year. Because let's face it, in like 5 minutes we will all be sitting down to carve a turkey, unwrap a few gifts, pop some champs and then it's done. Buh-bye 2014. Am I scaring you? Well, I am scared. There is a lot left that I want to do this year and I have sufficiently blown the last 6 weeks right out of the water. But so what. It's never to late to start today.

So I think today is as good as any day for me to pen a few goals for the rest of the year. I think I am going to call this part one because I want to reserve the right to add and/or subtract as I see how the next few months unfold. So .....

1. Be Cool - We all know I have a tendency to get a wee bit anxious. For the most part I have this under control at the moment but my little train can easily go off the rails at the drop of a hat. So, I have a lot on my plate for the rest of the year... job wise, finances, possibly moving... but none of this is necessarily bad. I need to stay calm and remember It might be hard but it's not going to kill me.

2. Career Focus - For the last several years I have been just working to make a living to survive until all of my personal shit got resolved. Collecting a paycheck and not really enjoying what I am doing has taken a toll. Now, I am not one of those hugely driven career folks but I would like to at least like my job. So for the remainder of this year my goal is to at least put a toe in the ocean of looking for anew job. What that means is getting my resume up to speed, reconnecting and networking, spending some time actively seeing what kinds of positions are out there right now. It's been a while since I looked for a job and I think that come 2015 I need to start moving in a different direction.


3. Clean Eating/Paleo & Exercise - I have been slacking for the last several weeks and I feel it daily. I feel like I have had just enough cheating to cancel out the good days which means I am at a stand still. Time to get the ball rolling in the positive direction again. I have been eating for shit and I can feel it. I am sooo tired lately and bloated.The bags under my eyes have bags and it's all of the crap I have been eating/drinking. So goal for Fall... be prepared... shop, food prep, eat out minimally, only moderate weekend drinking, one cheat meal on the weekend, exercise 30 min. a day... even if it's only a dog walk it counts. Oh and get back to some strength training.

4. Dating/Relationships - I think I am going to actively shelve this one for the remainder of the year. That means shutting down the online profiles really. I only have one currently active but it really only provides entertainment and blogging material. I'm not sure that's fair to the unsuspecting asshats out there and/or a good use of my free time. I could be playing Candy Crush. And honestly... it's depressing.

So those are at the top of my goal thought process today. I think I may need to add a few more but these are pretty much 100% in my control so I will start there.

What do you still want to accomplish this year in the 113 days we have left?


  1. i think you've got some great goals :) i would love to be better with clean eating and exercise, i have really failed at that this year. i am like you, not super career driven but i do want to like my job. i changed jobs earlier this year (feb) and i absolutely love my job now, i know some people would look down on me because i'm not 'career driven' but it suits me just fine!

  2. EEEEK you are right that there is so little time left in the year! Great goals and they seem manageable. You can do it! I love the Leo graphic because really I don't know how they do it! I'm the same way as you that I eat really well most of the time and then my cheats just seem to cancel it out and I'm left at a stand still. Hopefully we can both get it together... like Carol.

  3. WTF blogger??? it ate my comment TWICE!!!!!

    these are totally doable goals. i've been looking to jazz up my workouts so i bought this amazing book of exercises put out by Men's Health.

  4. I am refocusing on fitness this month. Time to get my shit together. I need to clean it up in a few areas.

    Selfishly I think you should keep the one online profile.

  5. Totally do-able. Baby steps my dear. I'm not career oriented at all but I do want to like my job, hence why i quit a higher paying job!!

  6. But if you shut down your online dating profiles how are we going to make fun of the douche bags out there?! hahahaha

  7. Ahhhhh seriously 113 days left???? That just gave me straight up anxiety!