Weekending.... Fireball, Bacon & Puppies

Monday, September 29, 2014

I don't even know where this weekend went! It was quick and dirty as they say. Not really but quick anyway. Again it was rather uneventful because, no money. There was no apple picking cause the weather was hit or miss and the last thing I was craving was apple picking in the rain with 3 kids. . Plus the temps range from pleasantly cool to scorchingly hot as balls. I got sunburned at Ava's game on Saturday when it was cloudy and drizzling when we got there. Hello schizo GA weather.

I was a horrible blogger too as in I only took a handful of pictures. None too exciting either. Mostly dogs, food and alcohol & sports. Sorry, but that about sums it up right there.

Oh except for one thing.... I won my tennis match and broke my 5 or 6 match loser streak!!! Yee haw and hell yeah!!! The tennis Gods were shining down on me and it felt glorious.... ahhhhhhhhhh.

And last night to celebrate I made the most delish plate of deviled eggs, one of my most favorites, with horseradish and bacon and a few pickles.

Ava and I finally decided to erase our summer chalkboard in favor of a quote that seems to just fit for us right now. Because we are perfectly imperfect in our house and that's the way we like it.

And to round out the weekend there was fireball and bacon and puppies. And the stupidest duckface I could muster to cheer up a friend in a far away land. And there you would have it. The weekend. Ba dum tsssss.

Cheers! How was your weekend?


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  1. omg fireball please no no no.

    Deviled eggs topped with bacon and pickles please yes yes yesss

  2. oh lord just looking at the fireball is giving me a hangover. love the chalkboard and the silly duck face ;) you're such a good friend!

  3. i want a chalkboard in my house too! but omfg, the mess of the chalk dust. maybe i could convert a cabinet door to one so i can write my weekly menu/grocery list on it.....hmmmm....

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Congrats on the win in tennis - that's enough to make a weekend worth it!! Love the quote on the chalkboard - such a great idea!

  5. I totally want a big chalkboard like that in my house- very cool!

  6. YAY for winning your match!!! I suck at tennis. :( hahahaha

  7. Congrats on the tennis! I've never picked up a racket.

    I love your chalkboard.

  8. your weekend had fireball, bacon and puppies in it. There's no way it could have been bad... you forgot our W last night too.