Perspective & Insanity

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Perspective is a beautiful thing. It gives us the opportunity to stand back and look at things from a distance. I have mentioned before that I feel like I am stuck  in the same place, like I'm on the treadmill for the last few years. And the crazy thing is, is that I have perspective. I can see what I am doing wrong, why I am stuck, but taking the steps to change it is terrifying me. It all really hinges on fear, fear of the unknown. What if I step off  or lose my footing and become like one of those hilarious treadmill gifs... pants pulled down, shoes flying across the room? The thought of this gives me major anxiety, the thought of failing miserably that is. So, I shove it back in, pretend it's not happening, have a glass of wine, go see my doc and get something for the anxiousness that is crippling. And then I can function. Mostly function anyway. Cause I just stay on the treadmill doing the same thing but hoping for a different outcome.

I think this may in fact be the textbook definition of insanity. Lol... honestly I am starting to feel a little crazy. More than usual anyway. But I am working on it....

On a lighter note, at least any stupid idiotic think I might do will not end up making national news... thank God! Here is someone else who should also have some perspective, our beloved Heisman winning quarterback at FSU, Jameis Winston. What in the hell is wrong with this kid??  Will he never learn? He's suspended for the first half of the Clemson game this Saturday for standing on a table in the student union yelling out this little nugget....

Really Jameis? What in the hell are you thinking man? Maybe he's insane. 

Go Noles!


  1. I'm over here on the same treadmill, safe and sound, but not getting anywhere. Here's to trying to get off! I think this quote says it all...

    There is freedom waiting for you,
    On the breezes of the sky,
    And you ask "What if I fall?"
    Oh but my darling,
    What if you fly?
    -Erin Hansen

  2. There's nothing wrong with trying and failing. Better than not trying and never knowing! Failure equals learning so either way, you're gonna come out on top! :)

  3. The guy has no common sense at all! seriously bro, get your act together.

    I know what you mean about the treadmill, repeating the same thing over and over. I was like that until I moved. Best decision i've made in a long time. Sometimes you just need faith.

  4. I don't get what his deal is - this is strike three and he basically got a slap on the wrist. I wish he was kicked out for the entire game - maybe more. Bowden didn't put up with this crap. Hopefully, Jimbo is dealing with this another way or something behind the scenes.

  5. well I'll be honest - i have actually fallen off a treadmill and it was zero fun. but i got over it, so dont worry girl! take a chance, im sure everything will work out fine, because it always does and better to try and fail than sit by and watch life pass you by.

  6. That kid is stupid.

    The first step to making a change is knowing you need to...even if you're too paralyzed by fear of failure/fucking up to actually do it right now.