Weekending: Feels Like Fall

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hey hey... it's Monday again people! Linking up with Biana again....I was in a great mood until I got to work and people started annoying me. Immediately. It's how you know when you just generally hate your job. But that is not something I need to think about today. So how about a little, as in very little weekend re-cap? I am afraid that in my effort to never spend unnecessary money, eat and drink less, my life has become exceedingly boring. But I am actually doing better with the budgeting and bill paying so apparently boring has it's benefits.

The kids and I went out for sushi Friday night since one of our favorite local spots had rolls 50% off. Seriously, that just makes me want 2 of everything but it was delish!

We followed that up with lazin around and just hanging out at home together. Saturday was football and shopping followed by more football. Olivia and I checked out the new Costco for catering supplies for my tennis match on Sunday. It's been open for two whole weeks but it was still a zoo. But dang it I love that place. I even scored a super cute packable (as in squishes down to nothing) down jacket for $39.99. These are easily over $100 anywhere else I've seen them. Perfect for GA winters and it comes with a little nylon bag so I can throw the whole thing in my tote.

Andrew Marc Ladies’ Packable Down Jacket-Gray

Saturday night I became an official fan of one of the coaches I have never really liked. Mr. Steve Spurrier. Did anyone see the Gamecocks whoop ass on the Bulldogs Saturday night??? Holy balls that was a good game. Now you might think because I live in GA I am a big Dawg fan but, not so much. I always love a game where an underdog comes out and kicks ass, even though it was painful for a lot of my friends. Props to Spurrier... it was good coaching and smart playing!

Sunday it was unseasonably cool here and by that I mean like 30 degrees cooler than the sweat fest we had on Saturday. I had a tennis match that took 3 hours and resulted in a giant "L" for loser. My feet are effing killing me today from all of the running, jumping, stopping and starting. I definitely burned off Saturday's beers! But it was good to get out there and play a competitive match, especially in the cooler temps. See, I don't even look mad.

Sunday evening I came home to a big crock pot full of chicken-y goodness. The first cool fall day warrants a warm meal in the crock pot and my eldest begged for chicken and dumplings and who am I to say no to a simple, easy, comfort food meal? Never.

Did anyone else get a taste of fall weather this weekend?


  1. The sushi on Friday night looked amazing - I didn't have mine this past week so I'm hoping to make up for it this coming weekend!!! The game was really good - tons of people had it on at their tailgates so it was fun to see!! So happy to hear you had a good weekend and I feel your pain of coming into the office on Monday - there is always one person that can just ruin a great weekend!!

  2. that sushi looks delish! i havent had sushi in so long. mm chicken and dumplings - i love the crockpot for cooler weather!

  3. I am SO loving these cooler temps! Give me all the sweaters and boots!! And omg chicken and dumplings is my favorite thing to have when I'm suffering from a now....damnit lol. Tastes even better coming from my mom of course haha.

  4. Send that Fall weather down this way!!! I'm so excited you have a Costco nearby you. I seriously love that place but not on the weekends.....I don't love it then. I was kinda excited about the SC win also....Steve is still near and dear to my heart ;-)

  5. I watched that game too and it was AWESOME. I always root for the underdog too!

  6. Great find on the coat! I heart Costco :)

  7. Those chicken and dumplings look good even to this VEGETARIAN! Mmmm! That's some good colder weather comfort food right there!

  8. I am one of the few people who does not like chicken & dumplings! Or the crock pot in general.

    I'm glad you guys got some weather releif though!

  9. when we were in orlando a few years back, my husband bought a great down North Face jacket that folds up into a little fanny pack....kinda like those old K-Way jackets! it's light as hell but SO warm (part of the Summit line) for $90. i guess down jackets aren't best sellers in FLA haha!