Friday Favorites

Friday, January 23, 2015

Megan Hess Illustration

Wow... How did we get here again?? This week just flew by didn't it? I had a decent week. Pretty uneventful and not huge plans for the weekend which is fine by me.

So once again it is time to link up with Miss Amanda for some of my favorite things and as usual I have too many so lets get to it!


We all love a good deal and especially a store that offers good deals on millions of different things a la Target and Walmart. These two accounts search out the best of the best at each store so  we can go hunt them down or snag them online. They don't disappoint either. From yoga mats and fun prints to cookie jars and super cool sweatshirts, you name it they find it. I have had good luck with actually getting the stuf they post too. Being from Detroit I had to have that mens sweatshirt I saw last week and sure enough my Target had exactly one left... and it is now mine.



See... cute huh?


I love me some Lee Brice and although I haven't been listening to a ton of country lately... I seem to much more so in the summertime is that weird?... I love this song...


Lavender Epsom Salt - I was reminded of this the other day talking with Amanda about stress relief. I take baths when I am stressed. Bubble baths are great but my favorite thing is Lavender Epsom Salt. It smells sooooo good and something about that smell just relaxes you. Epsom salt has so many other health benefits too like soothing aching muscles, curing skin problems, healing cuts, alleviating cold & congestion and drawing toxins from the body. A wintertime bath before bed is the ultimate stress reliever and sleep well guarantee for me!


Buy Me Brunch is possibly my favorite place to order t-shirts from. Guess what they came out with this week... this one right here. I love tacos. I must have this. I know, they are a little pricey but they are super soft material and really nicely made. And if you follow them on Instagram they offer discount codes (usually 15% off) about every 3 weeks for one day only. You can stock up... a little. I actually started buying the guys shirts cause they are cheaper and I cut the neck & arm bands out (which I do with all my t's) and sort of DIY it into a chick shirt. Check pinterest for deets on this, there are a million ways to do it!

Holy Shit I Love Tacos Tee Grey – Buy Me Brunch


This super zen new Lokai bracelet I got. It represents the highs and lows of life and the circular journey that is uniquely ours but that we are all on. Inside the black bead is mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Inside the white bead is water from the top of Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth. The mantra is when you are on top stay humble and when you are low stay hopeful. We can all use a reminder of that I think.


With the Superbowl just one week away I am already scouting Pinterest for memorable party food ideas to bring. Found this and thought it looked super fun and kid friendly. I love the sweet salty combo and who doesn't love anything on a Ritz? I might even eat one since I will be officially past my 30 day mark! Maybe... for the recipe click here.

RITZ cracker No-Melt Ice Cream is a must-have dessert on game day. Mix cream cheese and marshmallow creme until blended. Gently stir in whipped topping and chopped crackers. Scoop onto parchment-covered baking sheet, add sprinkles, and freeze until firm. Place on top of a RITZ cracker for a simple #TeamSweet snack!

And of course it wouldn't be Friday without some funny stuff to laugh at....

Hey bosses that frown upon employees working from home due to decreased productivity...

wednesday animated GIF

You had one job... retrieve the wrecked vehicle....
fail animated GIF

Me with my kids all the time.... you know you do it too.

funny animated GIF

Omg.... so disgusting but I about peed my pants laughing...

funny animated GIF

How bad would this suck... trip over.

fail animated GIF

When it's going too fast and you can't figure out how to get off gracefully.

fail animated GIF

You in my house boo. Exacatly why I don't scuba dive. 

fail animated GIF

I always wanted to be that kid. Sadly I was the other kid.

fail animated GIF

I hate ill behaved children like this.

Epic Fail Fail Gif animated GIF

Hey, Guess what?

Excited Gif Gif animated GIF

Excited Gif Freakin Weekend animated GIF

30 Rock Gif Excited Gif animated GIF

Cheers y'all! Hope everyone has a good one!


  1. that fancy footwork dodgeball kid is on point! i was always the other kid too!!
    also, that bratty kid who got tripped DESERVED THAT SHIT. i admit i watched that gif way longer than i should have (and laughed) LOL

  2. I think I say this every friday, but your gifs are always the best!!! I mean the one with the basketball kid - crazy!! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. How funny are those GIFs? I am not going to lie - I am sitting here contemplating getting my co-workers to participate in the wheeled chair rowing. If we do it I will definitely video for you, lmfao! Have a great weekend!

  4. Eeeek! I am so pumped about those IG accounts. For the past year I have been finding the cutest stuff at WalMart. And that Lee Brice song - he did that this summer when I saw him and whenever I hear it it takes me back! Hurry up summer! Have a great weekend Amy!

  5. Surprise Smile is my favorite of all time. I plan on doing that all day today. Thanks for the laugh love!! HAPPY WEEKEND!

  6. I've been hearing about this whoawaitwalmart. I never go to that store so I am always in the dark about what they have. I probably still won't go there much but I like to know what's out there!

  7. Baaahaha You know how many times I have wanted to trip a kid running down the hallway? Maybe that will teach them!

  8. your funnies never disappoint.
    i rarely go to walmart unless i have an idea what i want because it's so overwhelming so that account is awesome - following both of them now!

  9. haha the funnies literally have me rolling. That poor wrecker dude ... hehe Also love the tshirt!