Sex With Your Pants On - SWYPO

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


This Whole30 thing.... I am still learning new things daily and it's making a whole lot of sense for me. It's clicking. If you are familiar with the Whole30 program one of the things they talk about is "Sex With Your Pants On". Forget about the fact that it sounds like an impossible task, let's just say there are ways it can be done. Kind of like making a pancake Paleo... sounds impossible right? Well trust me on both counts, it can be done with a little extra effort. And like the Paleo pancake, sex with your pants on is still good, it's just not as good as pantsless sex, or IHOP pancakes. 

This is one of  the Whole30 tenets that is really starting to click for me. I am always trying to look for ways to skirt the system when I try a new diet (hate that word) or eating style. I love to cook and get in the kitchen and create or recreate delicious dishes. With this way of eating you have to just focus on real, whole food. Not how to make your favorite junk foods out of real whole foods. There are no pancake trees of pizza plants that I am aware of and I don't care what you say pizza with some sort of bizarre nut-cauliflower-bacon  crust is not the same as this.... my favorite Mellow Mushroom Red Skin Potato Pie. Extra thick crust and dripping with cheese. Swoon.

 I think I would rather wait for the occasion when I can have a slice not four of that whore up there rather than some bastardized version that may still very well not be the best choice for me either, even though in my mind I "think" it is. Because I am likely to eat twice as much if I think it's "on the plan" and we all know it ain't gonna taste the same. This is where I have always fallen short in the past, trying to have sex with my pants on. But really, if you google paleo desserts and come up with images like this wouldn't you be excited to try this way of eating? Yes... these are all completely legal and Paleo creations. Kind of makes you want to eat them every night right, I mean they are Paleo... again missing the whole point. Is a Samoa found in nature? How about a dark chocolate chip brownie? Cavewomen banging those out everyday? No. And I shouldn't be either. 

Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with stuff like this and I get it. Sometimes you might have an occasion to make something special like a carrot cake and you want to try the Paleo version. That's ok, that is also where I screw up. The occasion might be that it's Tuesday.  Bad. So I am going to hold off as long as I can with this stuff because for me personally, it puts me at the precipice of a slippery slope. 

So I guess the whole point is here that the title of the book is really what it's ll about. The Food. What exactly are you putting in your body and what is that food saying to your mind? Because there is unmistakably a connection. I am feeling pretty accomplished that I have made it 12 days with only eating real, whole and unprocessed foods. I'm afraid that I may not be losing any weight because I am really not hungry, but as I said, measurements are down so I am guessing weight is too. No weighing for 30 days theoretically also keeps you focused on the food, not the number on the scale.  Being home now I pretty much live in work out clothes so it's hard to tell. And that's another thing, I think in my mind I am looking at this kind of like part of my current job along with looking for a job... getting my health under control. I have the time and there are no excuses so why not now? I have an appointment with my cardiologist on Feb. 25 and I would LOVE to be down in the weight and BP category. As I mentioned in my 2015 Manifesto getting off my prescription meds is a goal of mine this year or at least drastically lowering the dosage by improving my overall health.

So that is my big epiphany for the day. I've been a cheater. I like to try and take the cheaters way out when it comes to food and it has gotten me into trouble much like trying to have sex with your pants on. Let's face it, if you keep on trying and giving it your all eventually the pants are getting ripped off and there is no going back from there. Sooo...

Keep yo pants on hoes. 


  1. and this is why I know the whole 30 is not for me ;) i get why they do the whole sex with your pants on but if i put an egg and a banana in a blender and then in a frypan.. it is not a freaking pancake. it tastes better than an egg and a banana on its own, but it's not as good as a pancake = so its freaking healthy and just let me eat my fake pancakes.

  2. I don't get trying to maker super healthy versions of foods that are not healthy. They're like that for a reason.

  3. You can do it! And the getting off meds thing is completely doable, my mom lost about 20-30 lbs with weight watchers last year and she no longer has to take her high blood pressure or high cholesterol meds, which she has taken for over a decade, all from eating healthy and working out. And I agree on the "healthified" crap food out there. What is the point? If you are going to do it do the real thing - with your pants off!

  4. I am on a plan as well right now. Not Whole30 but another one and truthfully eating anything that looks or tastes like the real thing is a slippery slope for me. So for now Ill stick to my veggies, fruit, lean meats, hummus etc and try not to focus on the number on the scale but the healthy choices I am making!