I'm In Love With the Coco... Friday Faves

Friday, January 9, 2015

Yay!!! It's Friday! I haven't linked up with the beautiful bride to be Miss Amanda over at Meet at the Barre lately so I thought ... "get your shit together Amy!!!". And here I am, so let's do this weekend favorites thing...


I know... you might think this is the most annoying song ever. But I love it... I walk around singing all the time and so do my kids and we crack each other up. Like pop around the corner and just say... "I'm in love with the coco" ... stupid funny we are. Don't worry... we talk about how bad drugs are all the time! It's just kind of catchy.


I finally bought the Vegetti and drank the zucchini pasta kool-aid. Not gonna lie. I really. really miss pizza/bread/pasta type things  but I am feeling pretty amazing and loving the zoodles I have been shoveling down this week. My little one even helped in making a batch cause kitchen gadgets are cool. Now to get her to eat them. Prep time was quick, sauteed up perfectly in a little EVOO in just a few minutes. Winner. Here is the one I bought. My eight year old could use it it's so easy!



Love him or hate him he has a valid point here. Good luck in the NFL Jaboo!! It was a great run

I love my squad no matter what till the day I die D.I.E. What an amazing year we still will have the same # of Ls as the champ


NYX Mineral Stick Foundation - It's portable and goes on smooth. Gives great coverage whether I need it all over or just in problem areas. In the winter my skin tends to be a lot more red so I need more than my mineral powder. I still use a primer, then this and sometimes finish with a little mineral powder. Still 3 very light layers. I think in different shades it would be great for contour as well. Love it!


@tindernightmares  This is so funny, especially if you have Tinder experience. Shit really happens.


Yes, yes a thousand times yes.

The difference between a closed mind and an open mind.  Start changing the way you think and see how many POSITIVE changes and opportunities you begin to attract!


Since most of us have been in the deep freeze no matter where we live this week I thought winter funnies would be the best way to go. Winter always causes lots of falling down people too which I know you all like very much.
I just thought this was cute...

This is awesome. I love the angry brows. 

It's so stupid and possibly true it's funny. 

I'm going to stop complaining about winter in GA now. 

She's wearing boots with heels. Rookie. 

So you think you can dance. Time to move to LA.


You know she got some snow in places where it sucks to have snow. 

Timing really is everything. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!


  1. ahahah that canadian police chase. for real, it's true because we get a shit ton of snow but can't let the bad guys get away!! :D

  2. AAHHHH! That train picture is like morning. Every GD. Day.
    Happy Friday!

  3. OMG that guy slipping on the ice is hilarious and pretty much me all winter LONG!!! Love that you got the spiralizer, so many yummy meals to come! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. The canadian police chase! Hahahaha! That's the best. Possibly even funnier since I got stuck in the snow this morning.

  5. oh my gosh that one guy slipping over and hitting his head... ow!
    i want a Vegetti to make zoodles!!!

  6. Those tinder nightmares are hilarious! I need to follow that asap!

  7. Ohh those people slipping are hilarious! Happy weekend!

  8. The Veggetti is amazing isn't it? Although I do have trouble with it getting kind of clogged up and I have to cut off that piece of zuch and start over. Man I need to get back to zucchini noodles instead of real noodles - the struggle is real! I also did that slippery split/fall and eat shit thing today for real right in front of our office gate, the gate who's lock was frozen shut so we couldn't even drive into our work parking lot. Not only is it cold where I live we also have this nasty thing called an inversion where all the clouds/pollution settle in our valley and doesn't leave for days at a time. It's dense fog and zero sunlight. Instead of inversion they should call it depression, really it's bad. But hey it's Friday so I'm optimistic a storm is going to come blow this bitch out of our area! And now I've rambled on, so happy Friday and have a grrrrreeat weekend Amy!

  9. good freakin lord those last two gifs had me laughing out loud!!! I'm so glad I dont live in the snow...I would never make it.

  10. My veggie spiralizer thinger arrived last week but I have yet to use it. Can't wait! Well I probably will wait until my heat is fixed.

    LOLz at all the slip & falls. I've been there myself. Black ice is a fucking asshole.

  11. F*ck no, I'm not living where it snows. I refuse. I wouldn't be able to eat the spiralized veggies if I were that cold... Id wanna eat bread and keep myself extra warm haha

  12. That song haha so annoying so wrong but so catchy haha. Those tinder convos ..... haha