Humpday Confessions & Hashtags

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Confession time and a few hashtags thrown in for good measure. Linking up with Laura @ Life With Lolo and Lauren @ Genuinely Lauren for #HashtagHumpday

I am pretty fucking sick of eggs. See that beautiful plate up there? That was my breakfast and yes, I had to choke down the eggs and spinach because I really, really, really want to cover them with gooey drippy melted cheese. #helloisitbrieyourelookingfor

I like saying redneck things even though I am not a born and bred southerner, especially when they involve the F word. Please get me started so I can say....#yadonefuckedupnow

UD def. for you.... #urbandictionarytrumpsall

JAN 10

To mess up extremely past the point of no return.
Man: *doing his woman* Oh! Mary! 
Woman: MARY!? WHO'S MARY! 
Man: Shit..... 
Woman: Oh You done fucked up now!!
by EonLover380 January 02, 2015

I have to get myself together, makeup, hair, jewelry... every week day even if I don't plan on going anywhere. I feel like a person of walmart if I don't. Thanks Grandma, you taught me right. Weekends are a different story, anything goes. #saturdayismyhotmessday #notreally #maybekindasorta

I was dragged to a girl scout cookie mom meeting the other night and as always I was shocked at the way some people choose to leave their home. Women... take some pride in your appearance for God's sake. #itsbettertobelatethantoarriveugly #pajamasarenotpants

I have 10 days left of my Whole30 and I am kind of scared to be done. I am not even really excited about eating any of the things I've cut out. I feel like in one meal I can undo everything. And I will hate myself for it. On the other hand I might just have a good craft beer or two at the Superbowl party I'm going to and stick to the food plan. #imscurred #irrationalinnerfatgirlfear

Feb 1 I am starting the 30 Day Squat Challenge that I talked about here. Anyone want to do it with me and document our results for the interwebz? #bootyhadmelike #howtobuildabadonkadonk

I am going to file my taxes here in a few days for the first time this early in like ever. I am pretty sure I will get some cash back and I need dat money tho! #donthatemecauseyouaintme #seriouslyyoudontwanttobeme #helpmeimpoor

American Sniper... I know it's going to be a great movie to see and I really want to see it.  But I also know I will cry some ugly tears and be wrecked. #fuckthatnoise


I got a text yesterday from a guy I went out with twice 2 years ago asking me if I was still single. And would I like to go to a Hawks game. #holdup #dafuq


Hope everyone has a most enjoyable Hump Day!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo


  1. Haha. Love it!! Who the fuck send s text like that? But, is he hot? Sorry, anyway...mad props to you for doing yourself up even on your day off. You don't want to see me at home. I was lucky to get out of my bathrobe over Christmas Break. Sometimes I don't even shower....shhhhh. Excited to party with you tomorrow!!

  2. bahaha that kim gif!!!

    Also I go through phases with eggs. I'm off them right now and drinking breakfast smoothies in the morning instead- highly recommend

  3. You always have the best GIFS. I almost can't even look at eggs after many years of Atkins. Seriously. I can go for deviled eggs or a good omlet VERY occasionally, but that's it. You are seriously rocking the Whole 30! I am proud of you! And you really hit the nail on the head with dressing up, etc - it's pride in yourself. I feel the same way, and try to look my best every weekday regardless of what I have going on.

  4. So completely random but I had a very similar breakfast this morning (scrambled eggs and broiled grapefruit) and it was my first time ever having grapefruit in a half like that. And like the silly grapefruit virgin I was, I COULD NOT figure out how to eat the damn thing. How do you get the fruit out nicely? I feel like I couldn’t get it at all and it just kept squirting me #thatswhatshesaid. Any pointers on how to eat that tasty treat? Haha. So glad you linked up!

  5. I'd be like I will go to the Hawks game if you're buying dinner.

    I did two "cheat" meals last week and got right back to my 90% healthy the next day. It was easier than I thought.

  6. American Sniper was fantastic! One of my husband's friends did cry at the very end but it is definitely worth seeing. Yay for doing good on your Whole30 challenge. I don't think I would be able to do it. Props girl Thanks for linking up!

  7. The only way I tolerate eggs now is with salsa or sriracha, something to burn the tastebuds off my tongue so I can't taste the eggs.

  8. I love eggs still even on my new plan. And that breakfast looks yummy!!! I totally can get how people get fed up of it though!