Friday Favorites Link Up

Friday, April 18, 2014

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It's that time again.... my favorite day of the week and linking up with Miss Amanda today for the first time with her new Link Up so we can all dish about our favorites things! And who doesn't like that?

Favorite things this week hmmmm..... If you have a few minutes and you are not easily offended by the F bomb please watch this. Its hilarious! And if you don't like Kenny Powers... what the hell???

 I absolutely love SNL and I always DVR if I can't watch. This guy was on last weekend and I am in love. With him and this song... give Mr. Ed Sheeran a listen please click here. He's a ginger but I'd hit that.

And look what I got, look what I got, look what I got!!! Me, my daughter and her best friend... oh and also one of my BFF's and her daughter!! Bonus... one of the girls is 18 and can be DD... not that us Mom's would have a drink or anything:)

Amy, you're going to Luke Bryan - That's My Kind Of Night Tour 2014!

Order Details:

I promise I'll try to stop talking about him for a lil while! But I'd totally hit that too.

I am getting ready to go eat hibachi with my coworkers for bday lunch and wondering how I am going to stay on track. Cause I love me some hibachi.... just give me all of the fried rice. And then nobody touch me cause I'll be in a carb coma. 

And lastly who else love, love, loves Iggy Azalea? Is it just me? I cannot get enough of her new song so let's #backthatazzup to Fancy with Whitney...

Have a great weekend!! 


  1. HIbachi is soooo good!!! Yayyyy for teenage DD's. :)

  2. Ummmmm I love that song.....and Luke Bryan it's like not even right how gorgeous he is. I just saw your insta pics with sushi....I'm totally jealous!!! Thanks so much for linking up!!!! xoxoxo

  3. oh shoot me now please. For the love of God. so sick of Luke. I know it's just me and folks around here but we've discuss this. furthermore I hope you had a blast. Maybe he'll shake it for ya. "Shake it for Amy." LOL

  4. I have Jason Aldean tickets but I need to get Luke Bryan next!