Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Humping along with Kathy today for weekly confessions. Here goes nothin!

I confess....

I have this one post that has gotten thousands of hits and I can't figure out why. And I'm about to write a sequel to it.

I'm thinking about getting a roommate. My Mom actually suggested if I had a "friend" who might want to be a roommate it would be "ok with her". Aghhghhhhhhh.... awkward!!!!!!

I want my next tattoo really bad and I am having a heck of a time deciding between designs. Hearts are my thing so I am thinking kids initials in a heart  , kids names in a heart or heart on my hand where I am from in MI. And about 10 other things... arrows, anchors, cupcakes....


Over the course of last weekend I ate a whole one of these. But I counted it in MFP and I exercised and earned the calories. It was worth it. Shit is cocaine.

I get irritated when I have to do word verification to comment on someones blog. And if you are a no-reply blogger. Why must your irritate me so?

I've eaten out twice this week, which is bad. But I made good choices, which is good. I am proud of myself for not taking the fat girls way out!

I am about to get my effing broken oven fixed and this is the first thing I'm baking when I do. Funfetti....And then I will shove it in my face.

If you are not watching The Peoples Couch on Bravo you are missing out. It's hilarious. Watch it. Real peeps giving play by play of the shows we all watch. And making fun of them. Love. It.

I'm really digging this gluten free thing. My tummy trouble is pretty much gone. And that gelato up there is GF. Bonus.

I need some new blush but I don't want to spend the $$$ for my fave Nars Super Orgasm. Someone please find me a good dupe! I like the glitter.

I'm doing my first product review very soon and they gave me extra schwag for a giveaway and a discount code. Details coming soon! I'm stoked!!!

Now go hump someone and show them you care!



  1. funfetti - recipe please!! and i'm going to watch that show...people dissing the shows we watch in all forms of hilarity? YES PLEASE!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I would shove that yummy looking cake in my face too! haha.... cept Im on a 'diet' boo

  3. I love Nars orgasm.

    Why is funfetti so good?

    I like both tattoos in the photos.

  4. I'm so ready for my next tattoo too! I love all of your ideas. As long as I have the funds I'm getting it in a couple of weeks. Just added The People's Couch to my DVR. Sounds really funny.

  5. I'm loving the idea of another tattoo too!! The only thing is that Josh isn't really fond of them and doesn't want me to "ruin" my body...uh thanks hon since I already flippin' have one?! And omg that gelato looks delicious...damnit I'm so hungry now.

  6. Yep, I hate the word verication. It's usually the no-reply bloggers that do it, too. I love the tat with the names in it!

  7. I definitely need to check out the People's Couch. And now I want a Funfetti cupcake too.

  8. the cupcake looks yummy. can i have one? LOL I love the tat with the heart with the kids name in a heart. it's gorgeous girl. i'm sure you can rock any tat you get.

  9. Funfetti with Rainbow Chip frosting is my fucking jaaaaaaammmmmm!!!!!
    I like that first tattoo the best!

  10. Hey Amy!! Omg, funfetti should just be called ''drugs'' I swear!! lol! They are theee best! Have a fabulous week!! :D XO