Summer Trends I am LOVING!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I wouldn't consider myself a super trendy person but  I do try to stay hip and fresh and pay attention to what's going on at Fashion Week twice a year. Kinda... for a Mom anyway. I look around at a lot of the suburban Mommies in my hood and around town and well... I'm kinda mean. I can't do the trendy jeans with blinged out crosses on the back pockets. I don't dress head to toe in my kids school colors and mascots covered in glitter. And ya know I love glitter. We are in the south after all. I also don't leave the house looking like a  schlumpadinka in house frau sweats and clarks sensible shoes. I have pride and I am a cougar single. (if you don't know what that refers to please click the link, it is one of my favorite words) With the onset of all of the wonderful Etsy shops and online boutiques that advertise their lines on Instagram it seems to me we have no excuses ladies to not be at least a little on trend. So I am going to try a teensy experiment this season based on the things I like that came off the runway and see if I can turn some of these trends into real, wearable, affordable looks for me... the average girl... with curves and a budget!

So here's what I'm diggin on for starters.

Lace & Sheer, Boho & Pastel....

Lace & Sheer - I am a girly girl at heart so this is a no brainer for me. I am also in my 40's so I will not be baring a midriff that has housed 3 human beings any time soon. And my back... well, this might be a good reason to beef up the weight on my lat rows cause sheer in the back is more my style but ain't nobody wanna see back fat. I also love the look of lace... in theory. Heavy crochet on a bikini is gorgeous but would I wear it to the neighborhood pool? Probably not. Lace beach pants on the other hand with a simple tank... definitely. I might not wear them to the grocery store but I feel like the beach and the pool give us permission to be a little out there and more fun with our fashion choices. And beach pants are kinda Boho too... next

Boho & Pastel - I love classic lines and pieces like a great pencil skirt or a tailored blouse but summer just makes me want to put flowers in my hair and jangly bracelets around my ankles and be all boho-fabulous. Maxi skirts in crazy colors, flowy shorts, off the shoulder lacy dresses... perfect for the Georgia heat! I like loose clothes in the summer, no sleeves... ever, simple tanks... boho on the bottom lends itself perfectly to a plain old "wife beater tank". Don't get offended, you guys know what I mean... think old Italian men in the Godfather. And then there is pastel... which I also love in theory. When I wear it I feel like my 8 year old daughter. But I love the look so this is going to be my challenge trend because 90% of my wardrobe staples are black or beige or a bright bold color... no mint or pink or peach. But let's face it, does anything look better with a tan?

So there you have it and now the fun part... bargain shopping and maybe some attempts at fashion blogger-type posts with pictures of me rocking the above mentioned trends. This is also going to motivate me to stay on track with muh fitness... Bonus. Cause I ain't takin no fatty pics and posting them up in hurrrr! See how I did that???

What trends are you diggin on for summer? 

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