Terminus and stuff....

Monday, April 7, 2014

Yes we made it back from Terminus. 

Good rainy Monday, at least it is here in Atlanta. 3 inches fell between the time I went to bed and the time I woke up today. Yuck! Proving my point once again that the most glorious rainy days, that I would kill to stay home and curl up in bed on, always happen on a Monday. And I just can't call in sick on a Monday... that's way too obvious. I love these dark and gloomy days sometimes but preferably when I am home, tucked away with the kids, the dog, TV, phone and laptop... and maybe some pie or wine or something. 

Speaking of  pie...I ate some really good pie of the pizza variety this weekend. We did make it to Antico for some authentic brick oven pie on Saturday. This place is just funky cool  and an Atlanta landmark for pizza down near GA Tech. You stand in line to order and pray you can get a seat at one of the long steel prep tables surrounded by bar stools. All they have on the table is rolls of brown paper towel, plastic forks and cups. If you want water you get your own from a sink on the wall. They bring out your pies on a big metal sheet pan and that's it. You stuff your face. We had a Margherita with Pepperoni and a Sophia which was mushroom, onion, buffalo mozzarella and truffle oil. And a couple Peronis cause you gotta have beer!

And onto the highlight of the weekend... Terminus. If you are a Walking Dead fan I am sure you can appreciate how freaking cool it was to be walking around on the same dirt as Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln. We about pissed ourselves when we drove up on the location of the final episodes of season 4. It was eerily surreal and cool as shit. We were not brave enough to trespass and actually bypass the fence but we did walk/drive around and see as much as we could. A friend of mine actually went in the week before but he carries a gun at all times and in this particular part of Atlanta you really need it. We were in the hood fo sho! But there were other folks, suburban types like us doing the same thing. We saw where the last scenes of the season were filmed and Boxcar A where we left our beloved cast members in the cliffhanger. I loved it and we are definitely going to go back when filming starts to watch and hopefully get pics and autographs... cause they actually do interact with the fans who show up!

So here we are... me, my sis-in-law and 5 kiddoes... in da ghet-to.

And I am officially not fucking around anymore I am back going hardcore paleo. I have been half-assing and cheating and it's just not cutting it cause the cheats are derailing any of the half-assed work that I am doing. So that's it. No more dairy, sugar or carbs for a good 6 weeks. I have a little motivation coming stateside mid May soooo.... yeah. Not to mention summer, shorts, swimsuits, tank tops and 1000 degree GA heat, none of which work well with fatty fatty pork chop over here. Ugh... I am so disgusted but the good thing is this really works for me when I stick to it. And it works fast. I start seeing changes in my body and most of all the way I feel very quickly. Once I get past a few days of carb flu which usually isn't too bad for me. So if anyone has any good Paleo recipes send them my way! I need some new ones!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. so awesome that you saw terminus!

    i do a modified paleo. while i do eat some carbs, it's only the healthy kind and i only eat it for breakfast and a tiny bit for lunch. carbs aren't bad for you; you just need to eat the healthy kind and in controlled portions.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Good luck with Paleo! I would never have the willpower!