I am an Addict... Well Sorta

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Have you ever seen My Strange Addiction? It is freaky and scary and like the worst train wreck you could ever imagine. These people have real, honest addictions to some crazy effed up shit that apparently makes them feel hella good. So this morning as I was getting dressed I was thinking about all the things I have/have not eaten/drank this week because I am feeling pretty damn good myself. It got me to thinking about addictions... specifically mine and why they are uniquely mine. I was also wondering how other people get addicted to totally different things, things that would never be addictive to me per se. You know like drinking urine, being an adult baby, butt injections??? 

Ummm.... yeah... that's real.

 Over the years I have battled numerous main stream addictions and when I say that I don't mean to imply that I have "diseases" what I mean is I lack self control when it comes to certain things. That is really how I personally define addiction... for me it's a choice and my lack of self control sometimes leads me toward the bad choice. The bad choice revolves around something I really like/love/enjoy and I indulge in it because it makes me feel a certain way... very typical right? But my addictions usually involve stuff that takes minimal effort... food, alcohol, cigarettes, Internet, spending money. Now before you go nuts I already quit smoking quite awhile ago, that's a post in itself. But food and alcohol....I struggle with over indulging every single day cause I'm a lazy fuck and it's so easy to get. How do people get addicted to hard core illegal drugs? I am so lazy that having to acquire the funds, find a dealer and a secret location  to indulge in said drugs is just way more effort than I would ever put into an addiction. I would rather go to the grocery store get a pack of smokes, a box of wine and a big bag of Cheetos. 

But here is my real point. How do you get addicted to health and exercise? I mean I love the way being healthy makes me feel but I am the first one to take a flying leap off the wagon for no apparently good reason and derail my own progress. Usually in pursuit of another addiction or crumbling under peer pressure. I can see myself getting addicted to eating a certain way because it still revolves around food... which I love. But exercise, going to the gym, running races??? I seriously don't think I could ever be "an addict". But I don't know... I certainly have the personality that lends toward addictions... and it's in my genetic history too which I think factors in. I don't want to be one of those annoying freaks that posts in great detail every phase of each workout, talks about my training program for my next marathon, how macros are working for me or any of that crap but I would like to just be consistent. I really want to get off the roller coaster I have been on and just be consistent.

Are you consistent with your pursuit of health and fitness? Is it a habit for you, an addiction or just something you force yourself to do?
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  1. What I would give to be an exercise addict...

    I agree with you - I love the way it makes me feel, I love the results it gives me, etc. But I have to make myself do it. I don't WANT to go to the gym most of the time, it's just something that I have built into my schedule and made a routine so that I have to go. It is easy for me to fall off the rails and give into my real addiction: food!

  2. Hey Amy!! I totally understand. I am petite so whether I gain or loose weight it shows. I feel like i'm in a constant pursuit of the ''perfect'' weight but find myself either to lean or a little too hefty. I can never get to that perfect weight. I constantly teeter back and forth. Its extreeemely annoying. I def. need a nutritionist or something lol. But thats never gonna happen. Unless I hit the lotto of course. Great read! xo


  3. I love My Strange Addiction and I saw that butt episode... GROSS!
    I don't like working out. I wish I did. I've tried... it just makes me miserable.

  4. Um yeah. Exercising is NEVER going to be addicting for me. Like ever. SO I find things I love to do - for example, I LOVE YARD WORK. This year my father in law invited to work the garden with him - my ass is out there EVERY day weeding and playing in the dirt. I love it! I look down and it's been TWO HOURS.

    For that has been what's worked lately - finding something I enjoy doing that doesn't require me looking good when I leave the house...hell something that requires me not having to leave the house. OR at least having a bag packed for after work so I can go the gym BEFORE I go home.

  5. I'm not consistent. I'll likely never be that "I love working out" person. I do feel so much better when I eat well and I'm active. I try to think of that.

    My Strange Addiction enraptures me.

  6. I'm also an exsmoker. Any time I've fallen off the wagon, you can bet there's a cigarette involved. I'm addicted for life.

    I see my addictions as being lazy, too. My "permanent change" comes when I stopped putting myself on autopilot and started forcing myself do things differently even though it was overwhelming and hurts my head. After awhile it becomes second nature and I can sort of going back to being lazy again. Like... making myself lunches. I knnnooooowwww about meal prep... but it's just easier to grab something. Lazy, lazy me. But, every go around it sticks a little more and I gain some ground with it being apart of life.

  7. I would love to get addicted to health and exercise but I just don't have that gene!

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