The Blog Baton

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hey my loves!! Just a quick heads up to come see me over on Instagram Thursday at The Blog Baton. I will be taking the reins from Miss Mason for the day and I couldn't be more excited. If you are interested in your 15 minutes of blogger fame please hit her up and she will get you set up with your very own date on the calendar! Just click here for the deetz!

So look for me @TheBlogBaton on Instagram for Thursday only (usually you can catch me @amyrose716) and watch for my regular blog post later on in the day because as ya'll know I am always fashionably late to the soiree!

Later Days!


  1. I'm still confused as to what this is and how it works?

    1. It's an Instagram account showcasing bloggers. Mason started it and if you sign up you get one day to take it over and promote yourself and your blog by posting as The Blog Baton. It's basically just a way to get more exposure and meet more people out there while you hold the "baton" if you will... like a relay, you hand it off to someone else at midnight when your turn is up!

      You can read more about it on her website