Humpday Confessions - I Feel Good Nanananananana.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Linking up with Kathy again for a lil confessional cause I like these posts. I feel like it gives me permission to spew the random thoughts in my brain out into the universe. And sometimes those are the posts that seem to resonate with you all the most. Wtf is up with that? I could spend hours writing a post and crickets or slap down a bunch of crap off the top of my head and ...

So let's get down to the bidness of humping away and confessioning at the same time.

1.     I feel really good today. I am feeling clean and hungry, which I don't mind. For some reason when I go hardcore healthy I feel it right away. Crazy how it works when you cut all the shit out of your diet huh? Sometimes I get a little carb flu-ish from going cold turkey on the sugar and stuff but so far so good. The best thing is I lose the bloat fast. And I am very bloaty when I am being bad which makes me think I have gluten issues but I'm not really sure about that. Could just be the mass amounts of wine I attempt to drown my liver in.

2.   Without crap in my diet I have a lot less to Instagram. I really like photographing all of the food I see. I am not sure apples and grapefruit and spaghetti squash are as exciting as pizza and Derby pie but I'm working on it. I am currently scouring Pinterest on the daily for Paleo/Clean/G-Free recipes that will photograph well. I have my priorities in order.  Until then you will get more selfies.

3. I am succeeding in being a tiny bit more responsible. What in the hell is going on here? Not only is my hot water heater fixed but I paid my sister-in-law back the money they lent me to buy it!!! Yayyyy Meeee!! Also I am picking up my new window on Friday to replace the broken one in my garage before the neighbors have my house condemned. I googled the info on how to get my oven repaired too... this is very bad news. Looks like the part is about $350 doll hairs.... FUCK ME HARD. Why couldn't it be a $50 part???? Because it's me and the Universe thinks I'm her bitch  that's why. But at least I know and I can save for it! Yay.

4.  I hate Facebook. I got on last night for 5 minutes and saw a post about someone bitching that someone reported his post as offensive and got it removed. The next post was about how horrible pit bulls are and 33 comments later an all out brawl had broken out. Is this what FB was intended for? I have a FB page for my blog that I have done nothing with and you know what??? I could care less. FB is  O.V.E.R. I really, really like Twitter which is becoming my new addiction.

5.  Gwyneth Paltrow can suck my left tit. And if you don't know why you can read it here. Please stifle your whiny little bitch face.

6.  People like this make me feel like life is just the most precious gift and Gosh... I just don't know what to say. I am in awe....


I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!



  1. Urghh...I have never liked Gwyneth Paltrow! And Facebook is also quickly getting on my shit list!

    -Kristen | Kandid Kristen

  2. I don't even really use Facebook anymore, except to chat with my friend. She lives out in the boonies and text messages are a little unpredictable. I think FB has just gone to shit!

  3. i hate facebook. if i get one more invite to some bullshit app or whatever, i'm going to throw my fucking laptop out the window. also, the fact that you used an adam levine gif wins all the things. i love him.

    gwenyth can suck a bag of dicks. i hate her so much.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Come be responsible over at my house please!

  5. didn't really like GP anyways. esp in glee she sucked. and yea folks like that guy make me cherish life. He's amazing.

  6. I never ever use my blog FB page, when I use to 7 people would see what I posted and I would feel like it was a complete waste of my time.

  7. I hate GPal.

    Good food photographs nicely too. Try it!

  8. Hey Amy!! Good for you for eating right!! It makes a world of difference inside and out! And seriously 'F' facebook!! I rather just have a reunion and get on with my life. ughh.. lol!


  9. OMG that selfie gif...bahahahaha so true. I never even bothered to make a separate FB page for my blog...mainly because I'd rather not have my fam and friends know about it for the most part lol. And Gwyneth Paltrow...I cringe whenever I hear about her dumb "Goop" seriously sounds like some kind of gross excrement. Also, I just want to shove a gluten-filled, sugary donut in her face.

  10. Gwynyth is the freakin' WORST! I still can't believe she was voted most beautiful by People last year. I don't think she's pretty inside OR out.