Humpday Confessions!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yeah buddy it's almost my favorite day of the week!!! We are half way thru this one so lets spill some guts with my favorite Canuck Miss Kathy

First and foremost I confess I am currently living under some sort of curse. As you all know in the last several months I have had some major malfunctions in or around my home... every fucking month. Snowball thru window, garage door opener broken, hot water heater broken, oven broken... was really hoping for a break this month. Came home to this yesterday...

I confess I pretty much feel like this errrrrday... cruising right along and then BAM!!!!

 people experiencing bad driver

Do you think there is any possible way I can ever get a break there Mr. Universe ??? Hmmmm????

Thanks... that's what I thought.

I confess Luke Bryan tix are going on sale on Friday and all I can think of is this.... in my face.
Apparently I'm not just a food whore... huh....

I confess Easter is this Sunday and I have not thing one for my kids Easter baskets.  I am scared to have it in the house. I have an Easter candy problem.

I confess I'm going out again for a drink after work tonight. I suppose I could just have some water. Ummm yeah not likely. I did count my glass of wine in MFP last night though and I plan to do the same tonight. Again... drinking like a normal person. Skinny Margs tonight. 

I confess one of my best friends is Greek and this year she invited me over for Greek Easter because it falls on our Easter and my kids will be with their Dad. I am honored to be included and most excited about....


They are cooking a whole lamb outside and these people are just amazing cooks and know how to throw a party/feast. She made this yesterday. Home made bread.... damn....

That's all I got for today!

Please pray for my curse to be broken:)


  1. my fav low cal drink: vodka and soda, naturally :) i can drink those all dayyyyy!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I love link ups. Esp if I can find them where I can do them daily. :D So that would be 7 link ups in a week. If you find more let me know. I did 3 confession ones today. yayee :D

    I wonder how Luke's wife feels when he does that at every show.

  3. I have zero Easter stuff too and now I don't want to go to the store because the Easter aisle will be packed with people. Procrastination is always my down fall.

  4. Hey Amy! Ouch, quite a bit of stuff happened :( I was all reading seriously and then bam the Luke GIF and I was kind of in a fog from there lol! Wishing you a pleasant rest of the week my dear and enjoy those drinks! ;) Talk soon! xoxo


  5. A lot of my friends drink vodka and water. Re hydrating with a purpose.

    && girlllll, Luke Bryan looks so much better in person doing those moves.