Ipsy Glam Bag #RockingBlackVelvet Contest - Go Vote For Me!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Are you an Ipsy fan? I am apparently not only a food whore and a Luke Bryan man whore but also a makeup whore. Sorry I'm not sorry! So of course I have a subscription to the Ipsy Glam Bag and I love it. So today I wanted to share with you some of my goodies and a shameless plug to go vote for me on IG (by liking my black and white pic) in their #RockingTheBlackVelvet contest with Urban Decay.... the most awesome makeup line on the planet!!! 

Sadly I am not makeup blogger so no one sends me free shit to test out and I have no idea what the prize is for winning but I can only imagine it is some wonderful new Urban Decay creation like maybe this...

...which I would give my next grilled cheese and glass of chardonnay for. 

Seriously if you love makeup and you love to try new things Ipsy is your girl! I love that I get some new swag every month for the whopping price of $10 and many are close to full size product. The sample sizes are extremely generous too... not a one time application! I too have a teenage daughter that loves to share steal my goodies so if there is anything too crazy for me (which sadly for her is unlikely) she accepts my cast offs eagerly! So what are you waiting for... go sign up and tell me how much you love it! And go like my pic on IG so maybe I can win some free shiz. I am long overdue for some good juju coming my way!

Here's a look at a few of my bags and some of my looks they inspired!

Linking up with Ashley today for Little Friday fun!

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  1. Liked! I hope you win tons of free shit, I love winning!!

  2. I wish I looked as good in make up as you! I went and liked your photo on IG, and because I think your blog is great, I'm following you on Blogger, Twitter, and Pinterest! If you have a few minutes, maybe you can check out my blog:

    Andi :)

  3. What a hot bitch!!!!!!!!!! Ipsy def seems like the best of its kind in my opinion.