Meal Prepping Like a Rockstar

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

So ya'll know I have been trying my damnedest to get my arse back in the fitness groove and I have been doing fairly well. Especially with food which is obviously a huge battle for me and anyone that struggles with weight. I have not been great at meal prep in the past which has been a bit of a downfall but I am getting better. And let me tell you what.... it is a huge, like majorly big game changer for me. Because as I have told you all countless times... I am inherently lazy. 

But on the other hand I like to cook and thinking up new things to eat that are super healthy and yummy and pretty to look at gives me a major fitness boner. But it doesn't do a damn bit of good if you're lazy like me and you have to cook and think of these delicious meals 3 times a day 7 days a week.  Because then I start thinking roller food at the QT is sounding pretty good by noon on Tuesday... Buffalo Chicken Taquitos anyone? Jalapeno Cheese Dog? 

So meal prepping, as trendy as it sounds, is really the best way to stay on track for me. So here are a few things that are working for me and will help you acquire my rock star meal prep status. 

1. Get Smart - Are you meal prepping to lose weight or just to be healthy? Are you trying to eat clean? Paleo? Counting calories? Whatever your approach and desires are do a little research and see what other people are doing. Thru the magic that is Pinterest I find new things to eat all the time that fit into my lifestyle that I didn't even know I liked or thought about eating. Here's a great YouTube video I found from @BiteSizedFitness on Instagram to help get you started thinking in this direction. 

2. Buy a Food Scale - It only really works for me if I am paying attention to portions. I like the 3 oz. of protein theory and maybe 4 oz. of good carbs if you are eating them. Put your container right on the scale and weigh it before you fill it. I have a scale that zeros out if you put the container on it then turn on the scale so if you are  math challenged like me you don't have to add anything. 

3. Lists, Bulk and Sales - Make a list and check the sales. I buy what's on sale in the protein family. If it's pork I do shredded pork. If it's chicken I stock up and fill the freezer for the next week too. Grocery stores are so competitive now you can really get healthy, real food at great prices if you just look! And Costco is a lifesaver. I love portioning out snacks for my kids and I that I purchase here. Why on earth would I buy 100 Calorie packs of Cheez-Its or Goldfish (for them) when I can make my own using little ziplocs or better yet small reusable gladware??? Nuts and seeds are my go to snack and you really can't beat Costco prices on that!

4. Food Storage - Have the containers you need on hand and ready to go. There are so many options her but the key is have them. You don't want to be hunting random lids and shit when your food is done and ready to portion out. I am trying to make the switch to all glass for anything that will go in the microwave so I have invested in some sets of Pyrex with the lids that don't leak and have a tab to vent steam.  

5.  Pick Your Prep Day - Sunday's haven't been working for me because I play tennis with my ladies,  so I do mine on Monday night right now. That gets me thru the work week and that's really my main goal. My BFF and I keep saying we are going to try a big joint prep day and assembly line some meals for the whole family like a dinner or two. Right now I mostly prep breakfasts (fresh fruits & nut butters, hard boiled eggs or egg muffins) lunches (protein & veggies, jar salads) snacks and that's about it but it's working and takes away my need to think about anything food related. Which for me is huge because I am one of those freaks that literally spends way to much time thinking about her next meal!

I could not stop laughing at this...

Do you meal prep? What are your best tips & tricks?


  1. bahahahhaaha that last gif is the best. Look at you meal prepping like a boss!!!! I am very impressed!! I do my "salad assembly line" usually on Sunday or Monday night. Having all that prep work done makes it so much easier throughout the week!

  2. Damnnn! Go girl go!!! I need to invest in some tupperware containers - I literally have 1! I will be copying your strategy for home. Thanks girl!

  3. Pete does some meal prepping. I don't necessarily make my meals ahead of time but I do try to cut stuff up ahead of time... like fruits and veggies - b/c otherwise when it comes time to cut them I'll get lazy! hah

  4. I do it on Saturday or Sunday - I cut up my fruits & veg for the week, make my breakfasts (something egg based: muffins, a bake, hard boiled eggs, etc. or oatmeal) and lunches (salads, quinoa dishes, soups, PB&J on whole wheat) and then I usually make two dinners and we eat them and the leftovers from them for the week. I completed the transition to all glass pyrex over the winter. I typically have a soup and two meals in the freezer for those weekends I'm away. It's easy to scramble up some eggs with veggies and throw them in containers whenever I get home on away weekends, but I'm typically not interested in doing the whole make the week's food then.

  5. i always meal prep on sunday night but the process actually starts on friday night where i make my plan for the week, then shop for everything on saturday and prep on sunday. i hate it but it has to be done *sigh*

    Vodka and Soda

  6. I've been using tupperware for all of mine but I've thought of trying the ziplock baggie method. Seems a little wasteful though. I need to do meal prep once I get paid this week! That stuff is expensive.

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