Currently... for March

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Time for another installment of the currently link up with Anne at In Residence and Jenna at Dearest Love. On deck for March: Dreaming, Planning, Making, Baking & Watching... and here we go.


Of summer and rocking some new summer clothes, and definitely a new swim suit. I am really coveting this little number by Trina Turk, the Nuevo Sol Crop Top Bikini & Shirred Side Hipster. I love her swimwear. Her prints are vibrant and bright and she has great coordinating pieces if you like that sort of thing. She also has some pieces that are a tad more modest for old ladies like me. I don't mind getting into a 2 piece when I am at the beach or the lake, even though I have major mommy stretch marks. Sometimes I think the mom-kinis make you look worse.

I just really DGAF anymore. If you don't like it look away.


A weekend of purging because I just realized that March 20 is right around the corner and my Winter Goals  went woefully by the wayside. Specifically the two rooms in my house that were supposed to be nearing empty by now. Does it count if all the shit is moved to the garage? One step closer to Goodwill right? I think it does.

Oh and also 30 Day Detox & Whole30 round too. I have been less stringent the last 30 days but I want to hit it one more time hard before the summer is here. Now that I have this down I am confident I can rock it again. Oh and if you have not tried Teami Blends Tea and/or are interested in doing a detox please check them out. I love their products! Use discount code AMYLOVE for a limited time and receive 20% off your ENTIRE order and free shipping. Or you can use code AMY10 anytime for 10% off!


3 Ingredient Fudge Bites. Like they are going out of style. Seriously. I know I am beating a dead horse here but just incase someone didn't see this recipe the first 10 times I talked about it...Dairy free, guilt free and so delicious. I can't get enough. Can't stop won't stop.


Well, unless Publix has brownies on BOGO which they did this week I am not baking anything. I have the best of intentions but I have been keeping it pretty simple lately and just whipping up on the fly because I have time. On my "baking to do list" is this... coming soon...

Healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins - make without cheese for #paleo #whole30


Catfish the new season  on MTV.

Last week Miracle thought she was in love and speaking with Javonni...

...turned out she was really talking to Kira and her husband Ricki. A double Catfish.

Can't make this stuff up.

And that, my friends is what I am currently up to. 

Link up and tell me your currently...


  1. Oh catfish - it's like an accident you can't look away from! I love the bikini that you're lusting after - it's so pretty! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. ooooh girl I love that bikini! I think that as long as you're comfortable in it, you can wear it!

  3. Catfish is awesome. I can't look away.

    That's a cute bikini!

  4. that is such a pretty bikini. i think that tankinis / monkinis / whateverkinis are all about what you want, age or not! i have been wanting a one piece lately and it has nothing to do with my age! my mum never wore a tankini and she was super self conscious about her stomach, but she didnt want to look 'old' and i was like who gives a damn, you need to feel comfortable!

  5. I am starting to think seriously about trying a Whole30... the more people talk about it the more I'm building up my confidence that I can do it. Until then, I am totally making and eating those fudge bites :)

  6. i love that bikini!! those chipotle potato skins look so amazing! YUM!!

  7. Rock that bikini girl! And I love your attitude and GIF to go with it - made me giggle out loud.

  8. Such a cute bikini. Catfish pulls me in every time I happen upon it. How do these people lie for so long!

  9. Those fudge bites look so yummy!! Girl I love the bikini. Show off that weight loss your stretch marks are your battle wounds from birthing beautiful babies. Wear em proud!