Humpday Confessions & Shit

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good Morning and Happy Humpday! We have had some amazing weather here lately which has put me in an awesome mood. I have been able to get outside and do things without freezing or sweating my ass off for the last week and it has been glorious. I know that in about 10 seconds it will be 111 degrees though because summer starts about 3 days after spring in Georgia. #hotterthanawhorehouseonnickelnight

The IRS finally got it's shit together and processed my return. Slow ass mother effers. Only took them 6 weeks. Seriously, I had one job last year and no assets. How hard can it be? #nowgimmedatmoney

I find that 90% of the time lately I am not stressed. I'm actually happy and feeling good about things, hopeful even. This is weird given my current life status. #nojobnomoneynomannoproblems

This working out every damn day  with Jillian is exhausting. I keep thinking when is my rest day, oh yeah there isn't one. But  I took one last weekend.  On the positive the workouts are getting easier to nail. I think my partner already fell off the wagon one week in. I'm trying to be empathetic but I am all in my zone right now. Come on loser. #getonmylevel

I had a guy contact me on POF this week and offer to lick my tattoos. You read that right. #whendidthisbecomeathing 

On another note I actually have 2 nice guy prospects on the horizon so, maybe a good date this weekend who knows. #orimightjustwatchnetflixinmyfatpants

Happy Wednesday People.

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  1. Good luck with the dates!! I told Mike we would go to Happy Hour for his birthday friday so I actually have to make myself look presentable. boo. And um...ew to the tattoo licker. #freakshow

  2. SIX WEEKS?!!!!!!! Holy crap! I was getting pissy when they were pushing two weeks with our return. What the heck!

  3. good luck on the dates!! (why do people have to be so frickin weird?!)

  4. I cant wait to hear about your dates! Thank you for share about the weirdo tattoo-licker. That never became a thing because it is gross.

  5. Yeah for tax refunds!! Tattoo licker really?! Why?! Dudes are weird!

  6. lick your tattoos. You need to be keeping track of these to write a book. I just...

  7. shit, you remind me that i have to call my accountant to get my tax shit started!!

    i also ran out and bought some essential oils - found lemon and this amazing orange and grapefruit one so now i can't wait to do laundry! yes , i just said that.

  8. Lick your tattoos? Holy weirdo! Ugh I still really need to do my taxes, it's on the agenda this weekend. Boooo.

  9. Yay for you having good date prospects and feeling good so much. wtf - lick your tattoos??