Monday, March 30, 2015

I Love Rainy Days Quotes | This is my idea of spending a rainy day....

Wow that weekend flew by did it not? And today we have rain.... I was on the go from start to finish so I really feel like I need another day just to relax. Unfortunately I don't get one today or any day this week actually but that is quite alright with me. Busy is good! Saturday was busy from morning to night. I had a makeup tennis match from last weekend's rain on the other side of town. We had a 50 minute drive and temps in the thirties to start us off on Saturday morning and that sucked but we won. Nothing like beating little old ladies in matching track suits and turtle necks.  They were no joke and they took us to 3 sets but youth prevailed... barely.

Saturday afternoon I met up with some sorority sisters that I don't get to see too often for a late lunch. Some old friends of mine just recently opened up a restaurant and it just happened to be in a good central location for the three of us. So I got to meet up with old friends, try a new place and day drink all at the same time. Pretty sure that is a total win for Saturday afternoon. If you are local I highly recommend the Suwanee Park Tavern for great food, atmosphere and a killer bloody mary. I had the wedge salad with blackened salmon and it was off the chain!

Saturday night I helped my bestie with a brithday sleepover for a bunch of 9 year old girls... translation... we drank wine while the girls did crafts, made and ate pizza, decorated cakes and ate some more. I think I finally made it back home at 9:30 after leaving at 9 a.m. Sunday I finally got a morning to sleep in for the first time in 3 weekends. Another tennis match Sunday afternoon and I played absolutely horrible but I looked good in my new one size smaller leggings I found on the clearance rack at Target for ten bucks last week. Still too cold for my cute new stuff, maybe next weekend will actually be warm spring like temps again.

Last nights Walking Dead 90 minute season finale, I seriously hope you all watched. I have to watch it again to see what I missed but it was gooood!!! 2 people died, won't spoil it but it was unexpected. They also announced a new Walking Dead spin off set in LA. called Fear the Walking Dead about how the virus actually started, like the flu. Thank you AMC because I am seriously going to lose my shit waiting seven months for the next season.

Random snaps from the weekend!

happy rainy monday | Forecast: Rainy Monday.


  1. Packed weekend! It's overcast today here, it would've been a good day to stay in bed!

  2. email me and tell me who died. i stopped watching TWD!

  3. That first gif is just like too perfect. Makes me want to cozy up with a blanket. I love those pants you have on in your pic roundup!

  4. i still can't get over that bloody mary

  5. Busy weekend! Beating old biddies is fun! Love the Walking Dead but I had to go to bed so catching the ending tonight.

  6. Nothing but blue skies over here, I sort of miss the rain! Love those leggings and that bloody mary almost makes me want to try one.. almost!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend. The busy ones are always great, but so are the ones spent lounging around. I had a busy one too - now I really need the lazy kind to catch up!

  8. That sounds like a great and BUSY weekend! Love it!