Friday Favorites

Friday, March 27, 2015

Good morning everyone, have a great weekend!

Well here we are again, my favorite day of the week.... Friday! Was an eventful week for me but nothing earth shattering to report yet. I waiting, hopefully it's coming! Oh actually there was one super exciting thing which you will see down there in my faves! So let's git with Amanda and discuss...


I know it's not a new song but it just makes me happy...


From The Paleo Chef herself Mary Shenouda...Phat Fudge Unicorn Fuel   I have been experimenting with different treat type things that I can make for myself and my kids. I am not looking at this as trying to recreate junk but rather healthy treats for my kiddoes that can hold up to an oreo for taste! This is the bomb diggity and if you don't like tahini you can substitute any nut butter. She had me at nut butter...


Sally Hansen Gel Nails in B Girl. Bought this on Tuesday and I am in LOVE... Perfect summer color and seriously I can go a whole week with no chips! Gel nails are my new jam... Worth every penny.


Ok... I was trying to hold off on buying any more concert tickets but then... they announced this on Wednesday and tickets go on sale Friday. Two of my faves... Skynard and Blackberry Smoke!!! I almost died. The very same day the local radio station promoting the show was giving away tickets and since I wasn't busy I planned my day around calling in at 1:35. Guess what??? I was caller number 7 and I won 2 FREE TICKETS!!! I never win anything! And I got to hear myself acting a fool on the radio. How cool is that? Concert number 4 in my summer concert series booked!


I got a few for ya this week. This first one is the 2 conversations with the same dude. The same weird dude. I give up on teaching people about the almighty Google.

This first guyhere is just persistent or stupid. 2 weeks go by and he's pinging me again.

And number 2, who resembles a friend of mine which I mentioned, is still asking about my feet. And he ends every comment with lol, so I did too.


I'm half way thru my 30 Day Shred and my glutes are freaking killing me so I decided to start a 30 day squat challenge too just for shits and giggles, the one I said I was going to start last month. What else have I got going on?

          Complete the 30 Day Squat Challenge this month and tone up your leg and butt muscles like never before. This workout from 30 Day Fitness Challenges is ace.

I am also half way thru another 30 Day Detox with Teami Blends my absolute favorite skinny tea. If you need a jump start on your weight loss goals I totally recommend this. I definitely notice the difference in my appetite and cravings when I am drinking the skinny tea daily not to mention banishing the bloat every other day with the colon tea. If you would like to try it use my discount code AMY10 fro 10% off and free shipping!!!

And some funny stuff...brought to you by mostly people falling down.

Falling into a hole in the floor. Always funny.

falling animated GIF

Also always funny, old people falling.

fail animated GIF

You really have to just commit. Ouch.

falling animated GIF

Why do people think that jumping on balls is a good idea?

funny animated GIF

Slip n' slide directions.... 1. Wait for the water.

fail animated GIF

It's hilarious that he's running and crying and still face planting. Horrible Mom's feel me.

funny animated GIF

Another proud parent moment. Nailed it.

fail animated GIF

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh that nail color is just gorgeous - so pretty!! Why did that girl even attempt to jump on that ball - it wasn't even that big lol! If i was that little gymnast I would have done the same thing lol! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. People falling is probably the funniest thing to do. I feel bad saying that....

  3. Are you doing your own gel nails?? I love the gel but hate the price at a salon!

    That little gymnast ate it.. i see it all the time and it never gets old!

  4. Thank you for sharing about the gel nails! Nail polish is really coming along! Pretty soon I may be able to skip the salon! I love the color, too. That feet guy just legit made me, lol. Can I see your feet? Bwahahahahahah. So gross.

  5. need a disclaimer near the end before your gifs! I choked on my water laughing at the face plants! haha.

  6. that little gymnast...i'm waiting for kayla to do that one day LOLOLOL

  7. Tat nail color is so pretty. That diving one looks so painful. I would have face planted too if I tried gymnastics.

  8. Falling gifs are always funny! (because you can pretend no one was hurt) Love that nail color!

  9. That nail colou is super cute. I have the 30 day shred but never used the DVD. I heard its brutal!