Friday Faves & A New Do

Friday, March 6, 2015

friday freebie: let's just do today - Kerri Bradford Studio Handwritten brush-script words about living in the moment.

Cause that's about all I can handle here lately. One day at a time that is. It's a new day and we have a new look here in Crazytown thanks to my sweet friend Natalie and her gorgeous blog designs. It was long overdue and I just put it off because the last one was a painful process. Not this time. Isn't it purdy? If only I could reinvent myself in an hour. Someone make an app for that. But surriously, if you need a new blog design chck her out, she is the shit. Thanks Amanda for the inspiration yesterday in your post on blogging tips!

Thank the good Lord in heaven that this day happens to be Friday. Time to decompress, relax, unwind and drink some wine. If the weather holds out I will be doing all of that and meeting a friend in town on Saturday for dog park and lunch, Sunday is first tennis match of the spring season. Looking forward to an all Amy, kid-free weekend! So let's get to some favorites of the week with the lovely Amanda shall we?


Coming soon to a wrist near you or mine actually, the limited edition blue Lokai bracelet. If you don't know the story you can read it here. I just love the symbolism behind it. I like things with meanings that remind you of important stuff that we all forget. Find your balance. Live Lokai.


I did this yesterday but I will spare you the pics of my nasty microwave. Lemons, water and a splash of vinegar in the microwave for 5 minutes on high, then leave it in there for another 5 and wipe it all down. Shiny clean and smelling fresh and not like windex where you cook food. It's a good thing.

Easiest Microwave Cleaning Method – How To Clean Your Microwave With A Lemon


Something about warmer weather just gets my country music love jones going. This guy with the beard and the gingerness and the voice. Yes please.


Ok, so all I think about lately is pizza and maybe a few other things but this.... Deep Dish Spinach and Tomato Pizza found on Girl Versus Dough. I love any excuse to use my old seasoned cast iron skillet. Will definitely be making this one.

deep-dish pizza.


I have a thing for 3 Ingredient recipes and sangria in the warmer weather. Love this... La Croix, Red Wine and Strawberries. BOOM. Sangria....And it's healthy because fruit. Thanks SkinnyMom.


And then some funny stuff...

The weather... I don't love the heat but I am officially over the bipolar GA winter temps. 

Me with my wine tonight.

Have I mentioned before how much I love old people? I'm going to hell. See ya there!

Cheezburger animated GIF

Treadmills. Always good for a laugh.

Fail Fail Gif animated GIF

You just know this dog is like "and this is why I can't take you anywhere human".

Dog Fail animated GIF

Yes. So much yes.

And this made me think ... She found her fitness Jesus... fo sho.

Catch ya on the flip side Hookers!


  1. Happy Almost Weekend, Amy! I have seen those bracelets before and I think they are so neat. Do you notice any benefits or you just like it because of the symbolism? I think it is pretty cool either way. PS Thanks for the tip about the microwave! Mine is gross. I should try that!

  2. Iron skilled pizza- yes please!!! Treadmills really are always good for a laugh but why doesn't it ever happen when I'm at the gym so I can see it in real time!? xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. My long time microwave cleaning technique: I put water into a bowl, add vinegar and a few slices of lemon, and microwave on high for four minutes. Remove, wipe down, done. I love it.

    When you said new do, I thought you meant hair. I like the blog's new do too. LOL

  4. I totally need to clean my microwave. Why must people keep tempting me with pizza today!! Haha! Love the new design! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. love the new look girl! :) that recipe looks soooo good.
    i have fallen off a treadmill before - hilarious now that i look back on it but holy heck it hurt at the time ;)

  6. Love the new blog design . . . you go hippie chic! And I'm going to try the La Croix sangria . . . I sometimes use Orange Fanta Zero with red wine - sounds gross but it tastes pretty good and cuts the calories. Winning! And yes, Atlanta is on crack with the weather. #overit

  7. That last gif is perfection. And I want pizza in and around my mouth so, so bad. Love the new design!!!

  8. love the new look! clean layouts are always best, IMO :)

    i use the same trick as steph (lemon/water/vinegar). works like a charm errtime!!

    happy weekend!

  9. I'm all about the country music- and love that song!

  10. Your blog looks so cute! Love how clean and fresh it feels. Also that pizza looks divine!