Thursday 13

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Thirteen Random Thoughts

1. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th again and we just had one last month. Isn't that weird?

2. I think my house is always dirty but I'm always cleaning. Then I go into someone elses house that never cleans and I want vomit. Just how???

3.  I miss bread but I could care less if I ever eat pasta again. Except they had lobster mac and cheese on the lunch menu at the place I was yesterday and I almost caved but I did not. 

4. I started the 30 Day Shred yesterday. I hate Jillian Michaels. Let's see if I can actually finish it this time. Never have. I took before pics ... yuck. Will not be sharing those!

5. Officially turned off my heat hopefully till fall. 

6. My collection of bills, mail, paperwork is out of control. How do you keep up with this? Thinking about one last fire in the fireplace to get rid of it all and start over. I mean really, whatever I need can be found online right?

7. The two rooms I said I would clean out this winter are still full of shit. Gonna get pushed to a spring project. Having a hard time getting rid of some stuff... everything has a memory attached to it lately. 

8. I completely understand the show Snapped more than I ever thought possible.

9.  Do you ever regret giving someone your number, kik or snapchat because they are annoying as fuck? I do. Need to be more selective. I know these are a means to "chat" but I guess I'm not a chatter. 

10. I haven't been on a date since New Years Eve. That's a long time for me not counting being married. Haven't been hanging with my guy friends either. I miss guys. 

11. What is the point of state funded health care if my doctors and dentists don't accept it??? Thanks. Thanks a lot.

12. I want to strip my kitchen wall paper but I am terrified  that it will be a nightmare. Anyone have experience with this? Can't afford to pay someone but it would so update my house!!!

13. It's supposed to rain tonight but all I see is wine in the forecast for this evening. The only real question is red or white? 


  1. girl, i feel you on the bread. i can do without everything else but bread. i was in the grocery store the other day and they just came out with their freshly baked bread. i stood in front of the bin contemplating if i should face plant into it because it smelled SO GOOD.

  2. I have totally regretted giving someone my number and have totally had to block them. Bread especially warm rolls are hard to resist! Jillian is annoying but that program does work.

  3. I don't get any paper bills anymore. Everything I do is done online.

    I hate Jillian with the fire of a thousand suns. I have a hard time getting through an entire workout. I need to mute her.

    I miss eating pasta as much as I want. I still eat it but not nearly as often.

  4. I love bread. And pasta. And pizza. No wonder my body hates me.

    On another note, happy Friday the 13th! mwahahaha

  5. I am opposite. I miss pasta couldn't care less about actual bread. Jillian michaels is the devil!!