Humpday Confessions

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wow... its hump day already huh? Well that means it's time to do some confessional type stuff here sooo....

Guess what? I have a new career. Yes, this is my actual POF profile. I like to change it up a lot so I am always adding pics and tidbits about myself. I had "Blogger" in the profession category but frankly I was getting sick of all the guys asking "what's that"? Google... google you idiot... FFS!!! So now I am a neuro surgeon... and the questions about my profession have stopped. #youneedbrainsurgery #imyourgirl

I had to put the smack down on my teenager for not cleaning her room after I asked her for a week. I couldn't fucking open the door for the pile of clothes behind it!!! You had to enter thru the bathroom and I lost my shit. She'e missing something she really wanted to go to and I secretly feel bad because I usually don't do that over the room cleaning but ... she had a week.  My ex has some hoarding tendencies and I secretly fear that shit is hereditary. I just can't produce a hoarder... not gonna happen...  #cantstopwatchingthefilthyfreakfest #whyshesohappy

extreme hoarding buried alive animated GIF

I haven't washed my hair in 3 days. Been dry shampooing, flat ironing and up in a pony tail because... lazy as hell. #dontevencare

I am still doing the Shred but I have taken way too many rest days. My glutes and abs are effing killing me which is good but dayummmm. Gonna have to extend it to 45 days to make up for all my days off. #Jillianisthedevil

I have a cookbook and/or anything health-related book problem. Yes I know you can find a recipe for virtually everything on the web but I still like a book... with pictures. I just pre-ordered two on amazon because you get a discount if you order before the release.  #thismakesperfectsensetome

We are in full on spring mode and this weekend it's supposed to drop to 27 degrees on Saturday morning. At roughly the exact time I will be stepping on the court to play a tennis match bundled up and unable to wear my cute new tennis outfits. Rage. #whatthefuckmothernature

I secretly collect instagram images of pizza tattoos because one day I will get one... somewhere. #dontaskmewhy #idontknowwhy

How cool is this one? The donut is pretty rad too...

That's all I got today hookers. Peace. 

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  1. Hahahahaha I'm cracking up with the brain surgeon thing! I can't even remember what I had as my pof profession - back when I didn't have a job other than part time ant Bath and Body Works. I guess I probably used that. I get some hoarder tendencies but luckily I freak myself out and clean up about once a week. I think it's totally ok for you to have that kind of punishment for your daughter, I mean if you asked her and she didn't do it, there should be consequences! I really want that whole30 cook book. I just recently had this desire for all things cook book, because I agree, there's something so much better about a book then reading a recipe from a screen.

  2. Pizza tattoo? That's unique! And if you do, please take a picture!!!!!

    My son is starting the hoarding young. He can't seem to part with anything, unless I force him. I hate to see what he is like when he is a TEENAGER! OH MY GOD!

  3. The gif of the hoarders kitchen seriously made my stomach turn. Seriously people live like that?????

  4. i agree with amanda - i legit had to stare at the gif for a while to see if it was real. CHINAWOMAN, YOU DISGRACE OUR PEOPLE.

  5. that gif scared me. and you aren't the only one with a messy teenager. her room now is a mess!

  6. i think cookbooks are a good idea in theory until i have to prop those bastards up somewhere in my kitchen and it's just sooo hard. My BFF bought me a book holder at one point, but then I had to find somewhere to put that thing I used once a year in my already microsized kitchen.. Yeah, no. It's my cell or laptop when necessary, end of story.

    I have a sick obsession with watching hoarders and its kinda like watching people pop zits, it's completely disgusting but I can't stop myself.

  7. That hoarder. I'm dying. That scares me.

    Seriously I would not ask a prospective date what something means. Google it, dumbasses.

  8. Neuro Surgeon, haha! I cannot get behind the hoarding. I watch that show and then I clean my house like a fiend. Nope.

  9. hahah Im dying at you putting near surgeon as your career! That is the best!