Essential Oils & Teami Blends Detox

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So what is the deal with essential oils? What do you do with them anyway? Well I am interested in finding out so when I got the chance to try some out from BrandBacker and InstaNatural I was all about it. I received the Lemon and Peppermint to try out, I think the lavender was out of stock or something but I hope they get more because now I am an addict and I want that one too!

First off I did a little research and the first thing I came up with was laundry. Awhile back I washed a big load of my clothes and left them in the washer a bit too long. Probably a kid free weekend when I was binge watching OITNB and getting drunk on box wine after I got laid off. Not the point... all of my favorite tanks, tees, yoga pants and socks got afflicted with the stank. You know what I mean... musty, mildewy, nasty, old sweaty cheesey sock stank. The kind that you don't smell until you put on said clothes right after a nice hot shower and the heat and steam from your skin warms them up and your face is assaulted by the putrid funk. Don't even act like you don't know what I mean. Solution... Lemon Essential Oil + White Vinegar in the bleach dispenser of my front loading washing machine. BOOM... lemony fresh clothes that smell like you want to face plant right into them. Fill the dispenser with vinegar and top it off with a few drops of the lemon oil and let it ride. Life changing. Bye bye stinky cheese pants. 

Lemon Oil Uses:

In my hair, just a dab rubbed into palms and finger combed thru damp hair
On a damp towel to wipe down bathroom or kitchen counters
A drop or two on a lightbulb in my bedroom
On hands after cooking dinner 

The Peppermint Oil is a lot stronger and evokes a totally different feeling if you will. I have not tried it in laundry yet but I am sure it would work there too. I liked it more as a body/skin treatment. 

Peppermint Oil Uses:

On tired feet after shower or anytime
One sore muscles
In my car... I used it on a damp cloth to wipe down the seats and dash instead of buying another scent port refill from Bath and Body Works... awesome
Massaged onto wrists or abdomen for nausea (didn't try this but sounds better than Pepto)
Inhaling it can trigger a sense of fullness and curb appetite... umm I think this actually works. Either way it smells good!
Over all I have really enjoyed using these and would love to try more. Always looking to replace products that have a shitstorm of chemicals with more natural things, especially for cleaning! These are a great alternative and apparently the uses are endless so give them a try.

Lastly I have a St. Paddy's Day discount code for you from me and Teami Blends. Use code LUCKYAMY today and receive 15% off your order total and free shipping. I love this stuff. I am currently on my second full round of the 30 Day Detox and as you guys know I combined this with my Whole 30 and had great success the first time. I really feel like it helps with curbing appetite and reducing bloat. It's all natural, organic and gluten free so all good stuff for your overall health... better than coffee!

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  1. girl i didn't even know you could add this jazz to DEF going to try it. i saw some essential oils at winners (lemongrass being one of them) and i was wondering how i could use this as some kind of perfume because i love the lemon smell.

  2. I'm beyond impressed with everything you can do with oils...and it seems like it's really gaining popularity! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I love me some essential oils!

  4. I just started the Teami detox this past week! So far the results have been good but I'm fucking sick of tea! Lol

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