Friday the 13th Faves Round 2

Friday, March 13, 2015

Did you know that months that start on a Sunday will always have a Friday the 13th? I did not know this but apparently it's true as we have just had 2 in a row! Watch yourselves today people. Time to get on to the Favorites with Miss Amanda and I have many this week so here is my narrowed down list...



This guy makes some serious food ridiculousness. Take for example the Choco Chimichanga. Please read the description below. He is also the infamous creator of the RamNut.. that's a donut made out of deep fried Ramen noodles. He's got a blog too but you know me, instant gratification is my jam.

Holy Ramnuts. I just like saying Ramnuts.


I met a friend for lunch this week at Sip Kitchen & Wine Bar and not only did we a fantastic lunch... get the Tuna Tartare... we discovered that they have wine dispensers. Yes, you heard me correctly. You purchase a pre-paid card, pick up a glass, swipe you card at the machine and decide what you want a  glass of. You can choose from a "sip" a medium pour or a full glass. How amazing is this concept? I think they need me to market this for them... I see ladies nights out, bachelorettes, my tennis team, first date glass of wine and chit chat... are you listening Sip??? This needs to be promoted!!! It's a good thing...


We are having mostly spring temps here lately and this makes me want to listen to some country music. And then Chase Rice is pretty easy to look at too... Gonna Wanna Tonight


Sorry... can't help myself. My fave shop, Terminus City Tattoo is having another special deal in honor of the 13th and St. Patty's Day today and tomorrow. If you're local and you want some killer ink this is the place to go. Hmmm... decisions decisions... I'm diggin the little ladybug or the trinity knot.


Red Bubble

My 16 year old turned me on to this one. Is it weird that we like the same things? They sell all kinds of cool stuff like Wall Art, Skins & Cases for your phone or laptop, T-Shirts and my personal favorite... about a gozillion different stickers. My taste is edging back toward cleaner, less traditional stuff and I am really into the pop art kind of feel right now. Check it out...

And a few funny things to leave you with this weekend... because everyone is unlucky once in awhile.

I am always the parent laughing on the sidelines.

fail animated GIF

Poor Jennifer Lawrence. She must not be livin right.

bad luck leo animated GIF

falling animated GIF

Clearly the dog is feeling left out. 

dog animated GIF

Trying to take a picture that you will never look at again. 

news animated GIF

Again, I would be the Mom who laughs.

falling animated GIF

And last... adults and waterslides don't mix. Ever. 

falling animated GIF

slide animated GIF

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Ramen noodle donut?! Eww. Though the other one sounds delish! That wine bar needs to happen everywhere!! I would totally be the parent who laughs. Seriously people wiping out is just too funny.

  2. Oh my gosh I love watching babies walk - it's the cutest thing!! Seriously all your funnies always get me!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. LOL ramnuts. that just sounds good coming out of your mouth, doesn't it?

    i love redbubble! my friend got me an awesome custom tshirt from there :D

  4. I started reading this post and checked out that IG.. then I got distracted for like 45 minutes and had to figure out what the hell I was doing before that haha

  5. haha Im checking out the insist right now .. you're right that is serious food ridiculousness haha