Back at It... Whatever It Is...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First things first!!! I would like to direct your attention over to one of my favorite bloggers on the planet  Miss Ashley from The Grits Blog. She is on vacay at the beach  (drinking for me) and I am honored to be introducing the Grits fans to the crazy train and little old me! So hop on over there and check me out or check her out or whatever! And make sure you check back because she is going to have a great giveaway on Friday you won't want to miss!!

And so here we are at the end of a 3 day holiday weekend. I confess... I was lazy y'all and a bit too much of a party girl... dang it!!! I really hope I didn't screw up my challenge too badly but hey... I kind of sort of planned for the cheats so that makes it better right? No... not really... but I was good with the food part I just drank a little more wine/beers/shots than I should have. But it was fun!!!

Friday night it was time to get some good deals and I did a little shopping with my daughter and a friend. We needed gear for swim team and let me tell you that shit is expensive. Suits, caps and goggles... just like any other sports wear, you get what you pay for so it really does pay to spend the money on quality up front. So I got this app called Retail Me Not which you probably already know about cause I am always late to the party. But I got some great deals and even free food... Chips and guac and Chili's and A waffle at Waffle House!!! Download it now...

Saturday it was back for another tattoo this time a small free one by and adorable kid who's an apprentice at my favorite shop. So I got my lotus blossom... the flower that symbolizes fortune, purification cough cough and last but not least, rebirth. I need some fortune fo sho and am definitely experiencing rebirth here in my new and improved life so it just seemed fitting. No comment on the purification part.  

Saturday night it was out to see one of my favorite local bands, The Southern Accent Band,  at one of my favorite local hell hole's, The Coocoo's Nest... more like the third ring of hell I think. People just get bombed outta their minds at this place on the reg. I have had too many wasted weekends thanks to nights at this place. But it was a country band so a little more low key, until the end of course. I went with my usual suspects, my single pals and partners in crime. There were shots (my favorite the baby Guinness) and beers and dancing and music. I even came home with cash when I went to the bar with no cash, love it when that happens. Oh my... Sunday was just hanging at home, a little more shopping with the older two for their stuff and a special treat. I got to spend a lil time with one of my most favorite veterans who just happens to be home for a short hop from Iraq. He is the best person I have met online dating so far... that lives in another country. So I shipped the kiddoes outta here so we could grill and watch movies. I have talked about him here before and when ever he is in town there is fun to be had.  Except when he bumps into my ex-mother-in-law as he is leaving my house on Monday lol... awkward!!! But hilarious:) And she had the nerve to ask me who he was... ummm let's call him NUNYA!!!

All in all a super fun weekend even though I did not make it to the lake. My skin will thank me later! But there is a whole summer ahead of us for that!


  1. your new tattoo is so awesome!
    i didnt know retail me not had the app, i love using the site for online shopping but now i have to get the app!

  2. NUNYA is right!

    I'm glad you had a great time this weekend.

  3. I’ve used Retail Me Not for online purchases, but had no idea they also offered store ones! Need to check that out!

  4. Your tattoo turned out really well! Love it!!!! :D

  5. Hey Amy!! Oh my gosh I love retail me not!! And that tattoo is SO cute!! I love it!! ;D XOXO


  6. Score for free tattoos! I've used Retail me now but i wasn't aware they had an app., downloading now...