Mother's Day Weekend Recap

Monday, May 12, 2014

I hope you all had a great weekend cause I did. I effing killed it... for me... killed it that is. Ok so I didn't do a whole lot of cardio but yeah no.. it's just not my weekend jam. Tennis starts back in 2 weeks so technically I'm off right now.  I did do lots of extra squats and crunches so there was that. I also cooked Paleo like a baller. I cooked on fucking Mother's day weekend... protein pancakes, steaks, zucchini fritters, smoothies, scrambled eggs... damn I am a baller. We ate out on Mother's Day for dinner at our favorite pizza place and we had our favorite pie made with the gluten free crust. And you know what? I walked out of Mellow Mushroom Pizza feeling good. Not tired, sleepy, bloated and pushing maximum density... feeling good. I made good choices for me and my kids and they were on board. Turns out they don't like to walk out of a restaurant feeling crappy either.

Here is a little peek into what I made this weekend... good stuff!!

****Tinder Update****

Yes, guys that you meet online really say stoopid shit like this. I have a date... I think. So I got on Tinder last week, if you don't know that looka here. As with all of the dating sites the first few days are a rush of activity (to suck you in) and then.... dun dun dun... nothin. I don't know why I did it except that I really fell like maybe having a summer fling. Yep, I can commit to a 90 day love fest and that's about it... maybe more who knows, but I think that's my plan. So there's this guy.... we matched up last week and after texting back and forth thru the app for a day.  I gave him my real number cause I actually like to talk to people. I swear to God  phone chemistry is a thing.  I am embarrassed to say I have gone on dates without ever having actually had a phone conversation and lezbihonest... text skills are not speech skillz. Never again! So we have been texting and talking and it seems interesting... I'm not going to say much cause I don't want to jinx it. He had to work all weekend but he has been checking in which is  kind of cute. Here's a clue.. by the time we meet up this week he will have been in 5 cities and 2 countries in the last 5 days. Can you guess what he does? Or what he says he does cause you know he could also be living in a homeless shelter for all I know on the south side of the city.

I keep telling him to beware of colonial women churning butter. He seems to appreciate this. Stay tuned and we'll see. I have indicated what I would be open to as far as a date, hopefully he is not a pussy and knows how to ask a woman out... srsly... men don't know how to do this anymore.

I know the purpose of picture practice is to practice our skills but for Mother's Day I thought I would just show off one of my favorite professional pics from many moons ago after the birth of my last child. I was always trying to fit into the mold when I was married, make my husband fit the mold too, so I had the grand plan for professional photos to be taken in our home after the birth of our third child. They were going to be those ethereal magical lovey dovey photos that you see in the ads for the photog. And we got some that I loved... but my face was so fat and my nails weren't done, I was tired and my roots needed to be did (yes I was blonde back then). At the last minute I decided I just wanted the baby photographed but the photgrapher convinced me to take a few anyway. And I'm glad she did. You can see what this little bug looks like now with me up there in that photo collage. 

 photo e061a766-3cfa-4eea-a910-1543fdbbba99.jpg

Hope you all had a ballin Mother's Day weekend!


  1. Happy belated mothers day to you! :D
    Those zucchini fritters look SO good!

  2. Hey Amy!! Oh wow it sounds like you had a really great day!! All that food sounds delicious too! GL with your new guy friend too! :) He sounds really nice! XOXO


  3. I cheated at my own link up this week too, I have pictures I took of my mom but they didn't show who she really was.

  4. I love that pic. It's your interpretation of the word and that's good by me!

    LOLOLOL @ that Tindr text. Freaking hilarious.

    I'm glad you had a great weekend. Kudos on killing it!

  5. Love, love, love the picture of you and your last baby . . . so glad you agreed to be in the photo . . . such sweet memories! And seriously - the texts would send me screaming for the hills . . . but I'm hoping your potential suitor is a winner!!!

  6. I had to read this like 3 times to soak in all the goodness of this post. Did that really happen with the truck convo???? I'm dying! Is the guy a pilot? I'm interested to hear more details! Happy Mother's day girl! xoxoxo

  7. You killed the weekend, indeed!!! That messaging was weeeiiird. Who talks like that? Geez. Hope it works out the other guy -- pilot? co-pilot? flight attendant??? Cute photo of you and our baby. Look how big she is now!

  8. Happy belated Mother's Day girl!!! That photo is so precious!! Good luck on the date too! You must post about it :D.

  9. I just gave birth to a little angel and it is going to be my first Mother’s Day celebration. My husband has booked one of the prettiest venues in Los Angeles for the party and I am very excited about it. It was lovely going through this post.