She's Baaaaack.....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Your High Priestess of Online Dating rides again... kinda sorta... by accident. Again I have Bravo to blame for this one too. There once was a little show called ...

And of course I got sucked into it and it was tres entertaining to say the least. Anywho the dating app that they used on this Bravo pseudo-educational train wreck is Tinder. It's possibly the most simple of all online dating sites which appeals very much to my limited attention span and low tolerance for dating bull-shee-ahhht. The theory behind Tinder (I think) is that you just put up a few pics, a 500 character or less bogus description and the app matches you up to people in your area. So that's it, you select gender, age range and geography and away you go. There is no "I like tall guys, or blonde girls, religion is a plus, prefer avid hunters or Must be single" bullshit to sift thru. Just Gender, Age and proximity... well maybe. Somebody messaged me this morning form Hot Springs, AR. I live in GA so ummm, yeah that prolly won't work dude. So one of my single girlfriends and I got bored yesterday and when she said she had never heard of Tinder my brain started doing a mental happy dance. I immediately whipped out my phone (hahahaha like it wasn't already in my hand) downloaded the app, logged in with FB and I was a-Tindering away in 5 seconds.

So what happens next  is a profile pops up like maybe one of these:

You then have the option to click on them and view more pics if available. Or... you can swipe to the left to send them to the "Nope" category and never see them again or swipe to the right for the "Like" category and you will fall into their "deck of profile cards" if you will. Then if they "right swipe" you Tinder notifies you that you matched and you move on to txt messaging. Praiseallujah!!! Back to my comfort zone... texting is my jam. ! Hopefully the texting will result in a phone call and or a date. Not with either of those douche clowns up there but with someone worthy of your High Priestess. To Be Continued....

Be on the lookout for more profiles for you to help me decide on via Instagram @amyrose716... aka go follow me now. Or if you really wanna be in the know up to the minute I can SnapChat you. Hmu at crazywisewoman over there on the Snap. I suspect this is going to be a bumpy ride on the Tinder.

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Anybody here ever been on Tinder?

Hope your Tequila hangover is not too bad, 


  1. The guy on the toilet earns a definite swipe to the no side, do girls really chat with that guy!?!

  2. OMG . . . this is exciting - I love the dating posts so Tinder away and let the rest of us enjoy the crazy that is sure to follow!!! And are those like for reals profiles on Tinder?

  3. Tinder is definitely being used by everyone single here in Boston- it seems like a fun game I want to play despite the bf!

  4. OMFG that guy on the toilet!! do people actually put pictures of themselves like that??

    Vodka and Soda

  5. neither one of those dudes would be a good match. And does toilet dude think that's attractive and gonna give him a girl. Um wtf?