Friday Favorites

Friday, May 23, 2014

Is everybody ready for the long Memorial Day weekend??? Cause I know I am!

First off I would like to say that this weeks edition of Friday Faves is brought to you by Moi via the wonderful Miss Amanda from Meet at the Barre and people all over creation who are falling for your pleasure. Behold. 

My favorite... falling senior citizens... Down by the valley where the green grass grows... uh oh...

Falling Grandma animated GIF

Falling Drunks... I think I'll go forward, nope backwards... and I wanna lay down...

drunk animated GIF

Falling models.... Stop! Child's Pose!!

Oh shit I'm late, can I cut... cuts? She gone.

And maybe I've been watching too much Gypsy Weddings...

But,  is it just me or do they look a little "special"???

Does anyone else but me peel their avocados? I am on a serious avocado kick right now and this is my favorite way not to waste a teensy bit of that delicious creamy goodness. Cut off the top and then just peel it with your fingers. If it's ripe it peels away really easily. Then just squeeze it in your hand until you are holding the pit and the majority of the avocado falls into your waiting bowl. Proceed to make your guac... ur welcome.

And my favorite new (to me) life hack... did you know if you put your phone in a glass or a bowl it becomes a speaker??? See the trifle bowl on my table??? It's my speaker... seriously sooo cool! And if you have a hard time waking up to your phone alarm put it in a glass on your bedside table. Brilliant.

Did you guys watch Andy Samberg on SNL last week. Favorite skit... a parody of the EDM craze and the love fans have for their DJ's like Avici. Please watch Andy doing "Davinci". I think it's hilarious but I have friends who love EDM and go to all the shows so I get it...

And because I have been in a very Lil' Jon mood lately let's #backthatazzup with Whitney and Get Low.

Get Low by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz on Grooveshark

Oh and I almost forgot... don't forget about my giveaway with Amy @ Getz Girl on Fire  from Monday for $40 in Target cash  and in case you miss that one here is a link to Holly @ Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally's giveaway for $50 in Target cash!!! Mo money, mo money, mo money! 

Have a great Memorial Weekend, God Bless the USA and God Bless our Troops!!!
Stay safe and see ya on the flip side! 


  1. OMG those falling down gifs are the best!!!! esp the "child's pose!" HAHAHAHA!!! i dont know why but when people fall, i laugh hysterically. im so mean!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. omg those gifs, i love all of them. haha childs pose, hilarious! and that drunk guy, oh lord. i love when people fall, wtf was that model doing how did she fall through the floor?! lol. i had no idea you could peel an avocado, i normally use it for salads or sandwiches so have never needed to use the whole avo, but i will remember this for next time.

  3. The falling down runway model, hahahaha!

    The phone/bowl/speaker life hack is brilliant.

  4. I loved that Andy Samberg skit, the heads exploding!!! Hahaha. Gypsy Weddings is a show? Of course it is. I'd watch it. I love falling drunk guy.

  5. Dangit, I didn't know Any Samberg was on there! I would've watched that!

  6. Hey Amy!!! Those gifs are hysterical!! lol!! And I swear to god me and my bf were just watching my big fat gyps wedding last night (as I do every Thursday) And we were just saying how ugly and dumb they look lolol! My bf called them mutants hahha! And I almost pissed myself from that Andy Samberg video!! Have a great mem. day weekend Amy and talk soon!! ;D XO


  7. My favorite part about that first gif is that you can see her little heels next to her ;-) bahahahahaha that model took the wrong turn for sure! Is that like one of those child gypsie weddings???? I do that all the time when I shower drop my iPhone in a cup....just have to make sure there is no leftover water...... thanks for linking up!!! I hope you have a great weekend!!!

  8. I'm pissed I missed Andy Samberg.

    MFD taught me the bowl trick.

    All the falling things are funny. ALL.

  9. I'm on the same kick of Gypsy Wedding. It's like one big disaster, but you can't look away. So addicting. And who knew about peeling avocados?! I always do mine the boring way by cutting them down the middle. Thanks for the cool new trick!

  10. OMG that snl skit is awesome and I am totally sending it to my husband right now. We are big EDM people and I can totally appreciate that skit!
    Every time I watch Gypsy weddings I think they are all a little "touched"

  11. I can definitely relate to the people falling! Thanks for the avcado tip :)

  12. The falling models are some of my favorite youtube clips ever! Have you watched the one where a newscaster commentating on it CANNOT stop laughing?! They are practically wheezing by the end of it, it's hysterical! :)