Friday Favorites & A Give Away!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Meet At The Barre

Time for my weekly favorites wrap up and some totally random shee-ahhht with that beautiful barre girl Amanda... 

I actually have some tangible items for you this week that I am really digging on and they all came from one of my favorite stores... where it turns out they discount even further online and ship free to your door!

First Vaseline Spray & Go Lotion... seriously y'all. I am digging this stuff . I have the Cocoa Radiant and I love it, it smells kind of chocolaty. If you are like me and you need the moisture but you can't stand the heavy feel of regular lotions try this, you will love it. It drys super quick and you can get dressed or jumped into bed immediately and not feel all sweaty. Win, win.

Ok it's not what you are thinking... at least I don't use it for that 99.9% of the time. (It does also work well for the chub rub) This is hands down the best make-up primer around if you like the silicone based variety. I used to spend $35 a bottle for the fancy Smashbox stuff until I read about this on the interwebz and sold!!! It's like $5.99 at and if you read the ingredient list it's pretty much the exact same thing. Word. It will make your face smooth as ... something... and your makeup last all day. Get it. 

I am a huge fan of self-tanner and if you are too then you need a good sugar scrub. You have got to exfoliate the old glow and make room for the new. This stuff smells so good you are going to want to eat it. It's cheap... $5.98 and the best part aside from the scent is that it doesn't feel like you are navigating the Exxon Valdez oil spill trying to get out of your shower. I hate that... I am old, I don't want to break a hip in the shower trying to loofah myself. This is slightly moisturizing but really truly a scrub. 

That's it for my little product love segment. On to the real business at hand. 
I have so much cooking to do this weekend I am really having to be super organized and plan everything to the minute to pull it off. But I am really good at that because...

See what I mean...

This really happens, I work with all men. 

And they always think they are barbecue geniuses... Nope.

Good job there hot stuff...

Today at work we are having cake and people lose their shit at the mention of free food. 
Like this...

at work funny gif

Do you have this irrational fear? Or apparently it could happen. 

car park fail falls in hole gif

And last but not least just a few random funny (to me) texts and such that I got this week:

Guess who showed up in my Insta feed bright and early this morning??? If you don't know who this is please looka here. And yes... yes it is the exact same selfie. I will pause while you experience speechlessness. 
(again I had to pixelate him for privacy cause every pic he damn takes looks the same)

There is a back story to this one about an unhappy C-word girl but the bit of advice at the end is the important part. Here is the gif in case you can't really see it...

And some people men from online dating sites try so hard to be funny and they just wind up looking like completely sketchy lunatics, raising my level of creepedoutedness to an all time high. 

Yes, yes he did just make a joke about chloroform, rags and crashing in my guest room.  Seriously girls you know I can't even write fiction this well.  

And last but not least a fabulous giveaway from Ashley at The Grits Blog. I have a whole bunch of Thirty-One bags because well, I love bags, and they are all awesome. Perfect time to win yourself a new thermal tote and discover some great new bloggers at the same time!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And taking it back to my days of youth when U2 was the greatest band that ever lived and a song that Grooveshark picked for me this morning... hmmm is the Universe trying to tell me something? This is something I definitely need to hear and heed more often. So proceed to #backthatazzup with Whitney  slowly and with caution and ask for help when you need it.


  1. OMFGGGGG that gif of the people and free food?? I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF AND STARED AT THAT FOR LIKE, 10 MINUTES. i guess when it comes to free food, fuck trust hahahahahahahahahaha!!

    to add to your walmart goodness: jergens self-tanner. for $4, it gives you a nice glow and smells yummy!

    have a great weekend!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. hmm that one guy had an auburn he from AL?!
    Wow yeah lets joke about being a maniac on a blind date NEXT!!!

  3. omfg chloroform?!!?! what the shit.
    um yes to the free food and yes to the not trusting anyone with that free fall shit. no way jose.
    omg ramen in the coffee pot and that bbq fire gif i watched for like 10 mins haha

  4. Those gifs were soooo good! Good finds for sure!

  5. That body scrub you got looks great! And the free food? Yes please!

  6. I always worry my car is going to do that when I go to the oil change place. I try to make Tyson do it so I don't have to think about it!

  7. Hey Amy!! I seriously need to try all the products listed above!! They are all affordable and sound super nice so I will absolutely be checking them out!! Thanks for the recommendations! ;) And I cannot.. I repeat cannot get over that guys convo's! I think i'm still a bit speechless!! Creepy much? hahahah! Be careful girl and have an amazing and safe* weekend lol!! XOXO


  8. I am so glad I am not the only one who knows about the monistat trick! People always look at me like I'm crazy when I have it in my makeup bag!!

  9. I have seriously picked up that spray lotion like 5 times and debated getting it.....thanks for the rec I'll definitely pick it up now! Seriously free food at work is crazy. Jimmy Johns brought free samples yesterday and you would have thought it was people's last meal! Your funnies crack me up! Thanks so much for linking up girl! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! xoxoxo

  10. LOLOL omg I totally lost it at that trust/fall gif. Thanks for all of the reviews too! I'll have to pick up that body scrub!

  11. Monistat? For reals? That's like a trust fall right there. And I do love all the gifs . . . funny stuff. Good luck this weekend on the catering! You're going to rock that shiz out!!

  12. I want to try the Monistat trick so bad!!! I'm scared it'll make me break out though!
    Bahahahah... I love all the creeps you get!

  13. Did he think the chloroform thing was funny? Ummmm, no. Totally creepy and not cool coming from someone you don't know that well!

  14. So happy I won -= cant wait to get it