I have FOMO.... and it's fomplicated....

Thursday, May 8, 2014

You know how when you are out and you see some friends doing something fun that you were not invited too and you're all like...


Yeah... FOMO...

I talked yesterday briefly about my current inability to get the recommended number of hours of sleep every night. I am averaging about 4 -6... I think. Now, if you have been around here for awhile and you know my story you will understand that there are numerous reasons for that. Some are just life situations that I have found myself llivng thru at the moment, but as we all know that is guaranteed to change... count on that!

One of the big reasons I don't sleep much is this...


"fear of missing out". The fear that if you miss a party or event you will miss out on something great
Even though he was exhausted, John's fomo got the best of him and he went to the party.

I am ALWAYS up too late. Even if I get into bed early I will be on my phone or laptop, blogging, researching some thing, reading, watching TV, texting someone. Downtime??? What the heck is that?? And don't get me started on parties, the best stuff happens after midnight, everyone knows that. Leave early??? Eff that and a half!

So as you can see this makes my quest to get more sleep a little lot...

Adjective. A portmanteau describing an unnecessarily complicated process. It's not just complicated, it's fucking complicated. Thus, fomplicated. Usually applied to processes that could easily be simplified, since sometimes a process can be justifiably complicated without giving a person the urge to scream expletives.
Those IRS tax forms are way too fomplicated to fill out and send in. I find it's much simpler to just do jail time.
I should just let this shit go but instead I find my self all nutty like this.

It seems that this also explains my inability to save money or ever get ahead financially. Or maybe not because I am actually included in too many social groups by my own design, people like me... I don't get left out but I can't say no a lot of the time either. Or maybe I just turn to money to fill the holes in my heart because I like money, and shiny new things???

Study: Feeling Left Out Makes People Take Financial Risks

When excluded from social groups, people turn to money to fill the holes in their hearts.

God help you if you do leave me out cause I might just show up after a few too many glasses of Franzia and have a few questions for you friends like this...


What's your level of FOMO? High? Medium? Or IDGA-MOFO??



  1. My FOMO is low. I get sad when I miss out on trips I can't afford and shit like that... but as for going out to the bar or whatever? Nah. I'd rather lay around.

  2. You too?! I've been in bed for an hour now...

  3. I used to have serious FOMO issues, but over time I've grown to care a lot less. I have a lot of friends who have this badly, but I don't envy their lifestyles at all. They are CONSTANTLY doing things and never take any time for themselves - that's definitely not for me!

  4. My FOMO has been improving but it still lingers...