Friday Favorites

Friday, May 16, 2014

Linking up wit Miss Amanda for another round of favorite random shee-ahhht! Enjoy!

Favorite Snacks

Last night something glorious happened was one of those nights when things got late and I had to stand in front of the fridge and figure out what to make for myself to eat that was filling, quick, easy and healthy. I had 3 hardboiled eggs that I made the night before and here is what Spencer, my son, and I came up with. Buffalo Deviled Eggs..   

Franks Red Hot, Red. Fat Gorgonzola (it's what I had) a little mayo, salt, pepper and shredded carrot. He helped me put it all together and plate it and then we proceeded to shove them in our mouths.
For the win.

Favorite Texts

I had a couple really funny text exchanges and I thought I would just share. Identities have been hidden to protect the innocent...

The Set Up... Remember the guy I cooked dinner for months ago that sat on my couch? The one I thought was going to be really awesome but turned out there was no spark? More like one of those bottle rockets that heads straight for the ground? Well he still checks in every now and then with some nonsensical sort of message... Notice here that HE texted ME and asked me a question!!!!  Also notice the times between txts. Gah... what the fuck ever.

Yeah funny like a ROCK STAR!!!! 

Setup Number Two... A very good guy friend made a bet with a coworker  about weight and needs to drop 5 lbs by noon on Friday. He texts Thursday afternoon for advice. I suggest a colonic...

Setup Tres... One of my girls and I have been planning a little ink for weeks and weeks and she keeps hosing me. So I took it upon myself to make my own appointment for Friday night cause I'm tired of waiting. Side note... the tattoo parlor just happens to be next to our favorite bar/restaurant....

I love how things with your girlfriends just go without saying.

Favorite Song/Video to #Backthatazzup to....

Please... this woman is just so sexy... love this...

Favorite GIF's

Ya know how I loves my old people....

And making fun of the old people

And I loves me some fallin down in high heels....

funny pictures

funny pictures

Road RAGE!!!!

funny pictures

Getting real tired of your shit human....

funny pictures

And you know how people always leave their flip flops on the boardwalk to the beach? Wouldn't it be fun to glue them down? I am an awful person. I know...

funny pictures

Have a super fun weekend everyone!!!


  1. Baaahaahahha the sandal gif and the runway gif are awesome!
    Taco Bell sounds good right now, oddly enough after reading that text! haha

  2. OMFGGGGGG those gifs!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i love the granny window one and the "im a bus, suck my dick". i wish i could do that in traffic!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. i cannot stop watching the girl falling over the high heels. hilarious. you win the gif award today haha!

  4. Love the idea of buffalo deviled eggs- yum! And seriously, why do people texts then not respond when you respond? So annoying.

  5. Laughing so hard right now with the window sticker of an old white couple and the guy whose flip flops got glued down.

  6. Omgoodness those gifs are cracking me up right now!! Haha love it!! Those texts are funny- Taco Bell will do that to ya- ha!

  7. Those deviled eggs I need them right now! Those gifs I cannot stop watching them especially that poor dog....he is like SO OVER it right? Also the sandals one....dying!! Thanks so much for linking up and bringing the funny today! xoxoxo

  8. Ok the gif of the girl falling at the bar and the guy with the glued sandals made me laugh way harder than it probably should have!
    I am really loving this Shakira song!

  9. Falling is ALWAYS funny. Heels falling is the cherry on top.

  10. hahahah that dog in that gif is everything! too funny! If I were a dog that would probably be my reaction to a frisbee throw too! Also those texts are hilarious!